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Product marketing into your company goals

Product marketing into your company goals

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  1. 6

  2. 9 Babbel features not being leveraged to convince the user

    A language learning market with undifferentiated product benefits Product and Marketing KPIs and effects disconnected
  3. 11 Connecting Product teams to their business impact. Make Product

    DREAM, and show the path Key ingredients for setup: Being a team player, adding value CONNECT DREAM PLAY TEAM
  4. 12 Be a team player, add value. 1. Identify the

    unsexy, difficult but needed tasks that will strengthen our product development lifecycle, 2. Apply a systematic approach to executing them
  5. 18 Where did it take us? Company OKR 3 :

    deliver 2 high-impact product campaigns
  6. 22 What was hard about it? We traded SPEED for

    PARTNERSHIP Reliability by adding value takes more WORK