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Internationalization and Localization Done Right by Ruchi Varshney

PyCon 2013
March 18, 2013

Internationalization and Localization Done Right by Ruchi Varshney

PyCon 2013

March 18, 2013

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  1. Internationalization and
    Localization Done Right
    Ruchi Varshney
    PYCON 2013

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  2. Overview
    Testing and Maintenance
    Tips and Gotchas

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  3. Internationalization vs Localization
    Internationalization (I18N) is the process of prepping your app to handle
    multiple languages
    Localization (L10N) is the process of adding the right resources to handle a
    particular language in your app

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  4. Why Do It?
    Support an international audience
    Easy to make your app ready for localization from day one
    Drive some good code practices

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  5. Internationalization (I18N)
    Python Source, Templates and JS

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  6. Python I18N with
    § gettext provides the baseline for all internationalization in Python
    Wrapper around the GNU gettext catalog API
    Requires the GNU gettext package on all your server machines

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  7. Python I18N with

    Django provides a simple wrapper around Python gettext functions

    from django.utils.translation import ugettext, ungettext

    # Simple

    msg = ugettext("Today is %(month)s %(day)s.") % {'month': m, 'day': d}

    # Plural

    msg = ungettext("%(num)d apple", "%(num)d apples", count) % {'num':

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  8. Django Template I18N

    Django templates provide trans and blocktrans tags

    {% trans "My Fruit Store" %}

    {% blocktrans %}

    Click herefor more info

    {% endblocktrans %}

    {% blocktrans count counter=apple|length %}

    Checkout my apple

    {% plural %}

    Checkout my {{ counter }} apples

    {% endblocktrans %}

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  9. Handling Dates and Numbers

    Babel is a package that provides standard date and number formatting

    $ pip install pybabel

    from babel import dates, numbers

    print dates.format_datetime(date, format='full', locale='de', tzinfo=tz)

    >> Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013 06:30:00 Vereinigte Staaten (Los Angeles)

    print numbers.format_decimal(1.234, locale='de')

    >> 1,234

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  10. JavaScript I18N
    JavaScript does not have access to gettext functions by default
    Django provides a view that returns a JS library with gettext, ngettext and
    interpolate functions

    urlpatterns = patterns('',

    (r'^jsi18n/$', 'django.views.i18n.javascript_catalog')


    // Named interpolation

    var msg = interpolate(gettext("Welcome, %(user)s!"), {user: name},

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  11. Locale Detection
    Django LocaleMiddleware determines the locale to activate
    § request.session['django_language']
    § django_language cookie
    § Accept-Language HTTP header set by the browser based on language preferences
    § settings.LANGUAGE_CODE = 'en-us'
    If you save user language preferences in your database, override the
    request session key in your own middleware class

    – request.session['django_language'] = request.user.lang_pref

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  12. Localization (L10N) with Babel

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  13. Localization Process
    Source Files
    PO File
    PO File
    Django App
    MO File
    Babel Catalog

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  14. String Extraction with Babel

    Babel also handles string extraction from source code

    $ pybabel extract --mapping-file babel.cfg --output out.po

    # babel.cfg

    [python: **.py]

    [django: **/templates/**.html]


    python = babel.messages.extract:extract_python

    django = babeldjango.extract:extract_django

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  15. JavaScript String Extraction

    JS strings are extracted in a different domain to optimize the number of
    strings sent from the server

    $ pybabel extract --mapping-file babel_js.cfg --output out_js.po .

    # babel_js.cfg

    [javascript: **.js]

    extract_messages = $._, jQuery._


    javascript = babel.messages.extract:extract_javascript

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  16. Message Catalog (PO) File Format

    # Translations for MYAPP.

    # Copyright (c) 2013 ORGANIZATION

    #: app/views.py:20

    #, python-format

    msgid "Welcome, %(username)s!"

    msgstr ""

    #: templates/app.html:35

    msgid "%(num)d apple."

    msgid_plural "%(num)d apples."

    msgstr[0] ""

    msgstr[1] ""

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  17. Translation

    Message catalog (PO) files are shipped to external translation services or
    translation APIs to get back translations

    # German Translations for MYAPP.

    # Copyright (c) 2013 ORGANIZATION

    #: app/views.py:20

    #, python-format

    msgid "Welcome, %(username)s!"

    msgstr "Willkommen, %(username)s!”


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  18. Integrating Translations
    Django app catalog is initialized or updated with the received translation file

    $ pybabel --domain django --locale de --input-file

    • updating catalog /de/LC_MESSAGES/django.po based on input.po
    • updating catalog /de/LC_MESSAGES/djangojs.po based on inputjs.po
    Catalog is then compiled into efficient machine binaries (.mo) files

    $ pybabel compile --domain django --locale de

    • compiling catalog to /de/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo
    • compiling catalog to /de/LC_MESSAGES/djangojs.mo

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  19. Testing and Maintenance

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  20. Test Translations

    Enable a test browser locale in Django settings and generate test
    translations with Potpie

    $ pip install potpie

    $ potpie --type in.po out.po

    = brackets, planguage, unicode, extend, mixed

    #: Potpie mixed mode translation

    #: templates/settings.html:18

    msgid "User Settings for %(username)s"

    msgstr "[Ŭşḗř Şḗŧŧīƞɠş ƒǿř %(username)s ẛLjϖDž 衋 ſNjΐϕ]"

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  21. Test Translations

    Find missing strings and push the limits of your UI testing with extended
    length unicode strings

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  22. Working with Translation Services
    Integration with third-party services
    § File transfers, API integrations, PM intervention
    § Control feature roll-out by locale
    § Intermediate translations through Google APIs
    Translation Memory
    § Scales better as you get translations for more locales

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  23. Tips and Gotchas

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  24. Comments for Translators

    Translators need context for strings in your application

    # TRANSLATOR: The date fruit, not calendar date

    str = ugettext("%(num)s dates") % {'num': date_count}

    {% comment %}TRANSLATOR: The date fruit, not calendar date{% endcomment

    $ pybabel extract --add-comments TRANSLATOR:

    #. TRANSLATOR: The date fruit, not calendar date

    #: fruits/app.py:20

    msgid "%(num)s dates"

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  25. Same But Different?

    What if we needed the same word but in different contexts?

    # Use pgettext/npgettext to add context

    fruit_str = pgettext("Date Fruit", "Date")

    calendar_str = pgettext("Calendar Date", "Date")

    # Message catalog has msgctxt to ensure unique mapping

    #: fruits/app.py:20

    msgctxt "Date Fruit"

    msgid "Date"

    msgstr ""
    • ...

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  26. Custom Template Tags

    Babel does not parse translations that are in custom or extension template

    {% autoescape false %}

    {% trans %}"This text is safe, but Babel might miss me"{% endtrans %}

    {% endautoescape %}

    # Add comma-separated extensions option in babel.cfg

    [jinja2: **.html]


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  27. Lazy Translations
    Locale is unknown at module load time when constants, model and form
    fields are initialized
    § ugettext_lazy returns lazy string references that can be later evaluated in a
    locale-aware context

    from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy

    class MyFruit(models.Model):

    name = models.CharField(help_text=ugettext_lazy('Name your

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  28. Lazy Translations
    Lazy string references are proxy objects that do not know how to convert
    themselves to bytestring

    In [1]: ugettext_lazy("Hello")

    Watch out for lazy string concats, bytestring interpolation, exception
    handlers and JSON encoding (needs LazyEncoder)

    In [1]: "Hello %s" % ugettext_lazy("World")

    Out[1]: 'Hello 0x6d7c250>'

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  29. Import Aliases

    Babel does not detect gettext import aliases since it simply parses through
    files one line at a time

    # Babel will miss this by default

    from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _lazy

    lazy_str = _lazy("Lazy")

    # Need to explicitly mention other aliases

    pybabel extract --keyword "_lazy"

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  30. Smarter JavaScript I18N

    JS view function runs on every request. Browser can cache JS files, so it
    can be pre-generated at deploy time and served statically instead.

    // i18n_de.js

    var catalog = new Array();

    catalog["Welcome, %(user)s!"] = "Willkommen, %(user)s!”;


    function gettext(msgid) {...};

    function ngettext(singular, plural, count) {...};

    function interpolate(fmt, obj, named) {...};

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  31. Database Strings
    Avoid storing strings that need translation, build rich enum classes instead

    # Maps enum values, canonical names, display names

    class MyFruitEnum(CoolEnum):

    APPLE = _MyFruitValue(1, 'apple', ugettext_lazy('Apple'))

    BANANA = _MyFruitValue(2, 'banana', ugettext_lazy('Banana'))
    If you really need to do so, use django-dbgettext to make DB strings
    available in the message catalog

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  32. Takeaways
    Babel and Potpie are powerful internationalization tools for Python apps
    Support for JS internationalization works really great for mobile web apps
    Internationalize early and be ready for an international audience from day

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  33. Other Resources
    Python gettext
    § http://docs.python.org/dev/library/gettext
    § http://babel.edgewall.org
    Django i18n
    § https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/i18n

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  34. Other Resources
    § http://pypi.python.org/pypi/potpie
    Lazy JSON Encoding
    § https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/serialization/#id2
    Jinja2 i18n
    § http://jinja.pocoo.org/docs/integration

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  35. Questions?
    [email protected]
    Slides @ http://bit.ly/pyconi18n

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