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Generative Conversational AI: Standardization & Ethics

Generative Conversational AI: Standardization & Ethics

Video: https://video.linux.it/w/52PVMQRWmKCmbMRQjdLeXf?start=3m32&stop=25m58

L’intelligenza artificiale applicata alla voce non rappresenta solo un nuovo modo di comunicare, poiché agisce su una caratteristica biometrica umana unica per noi

Pertanto, è importante comprenderne a fondo le implicazioni, in termini di pregiudizi e discriminazione, privacy, identificazione, trasparenza e ulteriori aspetti etici

Con la crescita delle soluzioni basate su IA Generativa, è fondamentale la trasparenza: esamineremo l'attuale architettura proposta da Open Voice Interoperability, parte della Linux Foundation AI&DATA, che sta lavorando a specifiche di interoperabilità e trasparenza per le conversazioni tra agency AI

Esamineremo alcune linee guida per valutare l'IA Conversazionale, con l’obiettivo di adottare applicazioni in modo standard, etico e responsabile

Diego Gosmar — Open Voice Interoperability, Linux Foundation Ambassador e Chief AI Officer XCALLY.ai

Python Torino

January 17, 2024

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  1. Diego Gosmar 1. Functional Definition: AI is the study and

    design of “intelligent” agents, where an intelligent agent is a system with some autonomous capabilities, that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success. What’s Artificial Intelligence?
  2. Diego Gosmar Intents à Responses LLM, LMM (GPT,…) Generative AI

    à Prompt Engineering LMM + Vector DB + API (LangChain, LlamaIndex,…) Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Dialogflow, Lex,… 2017 2022 2024 t Conversation Naturalness Conversational AI Evolution Timeline CONTEXT AWARENESS
  3. Diego Gosmar https://openvoicenetwork.org/trustmark-initiative/ Speech or Voice technology not only conveys

    what we say, but also how we say it, revealing aspects of our identity, personality, emotions, health and more. While Voice AI can use this information to provide personalized responses, it can also misuse it for purposes that may harm or exploit users.
  4. Diego Gosmar Why Standards are important? • INTEROPERABILITY • SCALABILITY

    • Users are rapidly adopting Conversational assistants which they use to conduct transactions, obtain information, or to control devices • No single assistant can do everything that a user might need • When an assistant reaches the limits of its expertise, the user can only try to find another assistant and start over • Interoperable assistants collaborate so that one agent can pass on a task to a second agent • This requires that assistants share a common STANDARD for sending information about tasks
  5. Diego Gosmar user agent agent assistant A dialog envelopes delegation

    dialog envelopes Agent A: 1st level dialog agent assistant Agent B/C: usually with specific knowledge, and resource connections (i.e. CRM, specific KB etc…) agent assistant B agent assistant C user proxy channeling/mediation dialog envelops Dialog Agent Message Envelopes Universal JSON structure
  6. Diego Gosmar Primary conversational assistant (Bürokratt) Smart Library conversational assistant

    OVON Messages SMART LIBRARY OVON POST Request Utterance + Whisper, OVON POST Response BOOK information utterance: Can I have some info about Harry Potter and the and the philosopher's stone? whisper: In particular can I get some info about the second edition of the book? The second edition of the book was published in 1999 by Bloomsbury Publishing in the UK and Scholastic Inc. In the US. The main difference between the first and second editions is the cover design. The first edition featured a simple design with the title and author's name in gold letters against a black background. The second edition, on the other hand,… SMART Library
  7. Diego Gosmar conversational AI worthy of user trust Example OVON

    REQUEST UTTERANCE & WHISPER To be sent as part of the body of an HTTPS POST request to the endpoint: https://ovon.xcally.com/smartlibrary Replace values with your desired questions about books: utterance: main request whisper: additional infos you’d like to send/request { "ovon": { "schema": { "version": ”0.9.0", … { "eventType": "invite", "parameters": { "to": { "url": "https://ovon.xcally.com" } … { "eventType": "utterance", "parameters": { … "mimeType": "text/plain", "tokens": [ { "value": "Can I have some info about Harry Potter and the and the philosopher's stone?" } ] } … }, { "eventType": "whisper", "parameters": { … "features": { "text": { "mimeType": "text/plain", "tokens": [ { "value": "In particular can I get some info about the second edition of the book?" } ] … } Formatted according to the: Conversational Envelope and Dialog Event specs