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Research Method

Research Method

Casual Observation vs Research Observation
Characteristic of a good questionnaire (Reliability and Validity)
Questions for Guest Speaker - Researcher


Rachel Hong

April 30, 2021


  1. Research Method Psychology Subject

  2. Week 3 Casual Observation vs Research Observation

  3. 1 Casual Observation: 1. Every students smile at each other

    2. Looking camera and screen Research observation: 1. AAA drinking water x2 and adjust her hair x2 2. BBB smile more than x5 3. CCC looking down more than x5 4. DDD adjust her hair more than x2 5. EEE cover his lips by his hand 6. FFF look serious and jot down note 7. GGG didn’t open camera 8. HHH didn’t open camere 9. III observing very serious
  4. 2 Casual observation • most of the classmates were in

    front of the camera • wearing casual clothes • showing head and shoulders Research observation • some in the living room and some in the study room • some were busy; some were waiting • some were drinking water; some were chatting with others • showing different facial expressions
  5. 3 Casual Observation Research Observation AAA - On the phone,

    hand supporting head Bored BBB - Looking down On her phone CCC - Talking, Look to her left, touching hair, wave hand Energetic DDD - Smiling, Frowning Expressive EEE - Hand supporting head Bored/Focus FFF - Touch ear Focus GGG - Walk, Wave hand Energetic
  6. 4 Casual Observation - Some student smile and observe everyone

    - Some student say hello - Some student looks serious Research Observation - AAA keep smiling - BBB move her head - CCC look serious - DDD look boring and serious - EEE keep look at the camera - FFF observe others student seriously - GGG enjoy her water
  7. 5 Casual Observation Research Observation 1. Everyone is doing their

    observation very seriously. 2. Most of the students are taking notes. 1. AAA: seriously observing, jotting down 2. BBB: enjoying her view, observing, thinking, touched her hair 3. CCC: keep looking around, talked to someone/something, touched her nose XD 4. DDD: looking down at her phone, smiled, seriously observing 5. EEE: seriously observing, cover his lips with his hand 6. FFF: seriously observing, taking notes 7. GGG: looked up when thinking, looks confused, observing
  8. 6 Casual Observation 1. Every student waving ‘Hi’ towards each

    other. 2. Some student smiled. 3. Most of them are observing seriously. Research Observation 1. AAA - Talking (Not sure alone or to someone), Touching her hair. 2. BBB - Looking down, smile at her phone, Observing for a while. 3. CCC - Seriously Observing at everyone and taking notes. 4. DDD- Drinking water and enjoying her house view. 5. EEE- Observing seriously 6. FFF - Keep on observing,not sure if he’s bored or focusing. 7. GGG - Observing seriously and touch her ears.
  9. 7 Casual observation : • most of the students were

    in front of camera • They wore casual shirt Research observation: • They are in their room • Most of them drinking coffee • some of them talk to someone, • some of them listen to music, • AAA smiled once, while wearing glasses • BBB looks so focus,and his face was so serious • CCC was busy with her phone
  10. 8 Casual observation 1. Most of us switched on our

    webcam to observe each other. 2. We greeted each other with a smile Research observation 1) AAA was having a conversation with someone in her surroundings throughout this observation. 2) I noticed that BBB and CCC were on their phone from time to time. It may be an assumption but they seem to be chatting with each other based on my perspective. 3) DDD appears to be taking down notes during that period of time. 4) EEE and FFF were focused on this observation as they were staring at their screen most of the time. 5) GGG was smiling throughout the observation.
  11. 9 Casual Observation: • Students switched on their webcams and

    greeted each other Research Observation: • Most of them had a serious look and observing others • Some were drinking coffee or water • Some were looking at the phones • Some were talking to others
  12. Week 4 Characteristic of a good questionnaire (Reliability and Validity)

  13. 1 Reliability - It focuses on the consistency of the

    research - Measurements are considered reliable if same results can be achieved by using same methods under same circumstances. Validity - It focuses on the accuracy of the research - The concept of validity is that a test is valid if it measures what is claims to measure.
  14. 2

  15. 3 • The length of questionnaire should be proper one.

    • The language used should be easy and simple. • The term used are explained properly. • The questions should be arranged in a proper way. • The questions should be in logical manner. • The questions should be in analytical form. Construct validity: Does the test measure the concept that it’s intended to measure? Content validity: Is the test fully representative of what it aims to measure? Face validity: Does the content of the test appear to be suitable to its aims? Criterion validity: Do the results correspond to a different test of the same thing?
  16. Questions for Guest Speaker Researcher Q1. What are the characteristic

    of proper research in your opinion? Q2. As a researcher, what is the most common problem Q3. What research skills have you acquired after completing one or more projects? Q4. As a researcher, how do you ensure that your research is reliable and valid? How do you determine what resources you will need to initiate and complete a project? Q5. What is the toughest and easiest part being a researcher?