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Digital agency roles for Creatives & Coders

Damian Proctor
February 04, 2013

Digital agency roles for Creatives & Coders

A talk that gives guys & girls starting out in the industry a flavour of the diversity of directions their careers in digital could take. Plus an insight into how creatives are involved in winning pitches and delivering projects.

Damian Proctor

February 04, 2013

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  10. ux consultant Desktop research Analytics & data Competitor analysis Persona

  11. creative director Creative direction Strategic vision High level concepts Client

  12. head of innovation Cultural insight Emerging tech Pushing ideas Client

  13. Account director Bus dev manager Support manager also:

  14. None
  15. ux strategist Stakeholder interviews End user engagement Persona development Card

    sorting & test IA
  16. senior designer Participatory design Team leadership Client collaboration

  17. senior developer Technology stack Functional spec Requirements

  18. content strategist Content audit Tone of voice Messaging Copywriting

  19. Account executive also: Search manager Infrastructure manager

  20. None
  21. ux practitioner Interactive prototypes Audience testing Define user journeys

  22. interface designer Interaction layer Input considerations Engagement

  23. visual designer Brand guidelines Style tiles Page concepts Component design

  24. front end developer HTML & CSS JavaScript Responsive & adaptive

  25. accessibility designer AAA compliance RNID WCAG Assistive technology

  26. web editor Migration planning Web guidelines Content population

  27. web engineer Environment set up Base build Work flow streams

  28. lead developer Bespoke functionality APIs & 3rd party tools Engagement

  29. Account team also: Search team Project manager Training manager

  30. None
  31. quality assurance Test script creation Browser testing Device testing

  32. Bug tracking Deployment Handover BAU support

  33. creative director Campaigns Road map Next phases

  34. head of innovation Brainstorming Ongoing ideas Hack projects

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  36. None
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  40. None