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Amplify Your Vaping with Big Bar Duo

Amplify Your Vaping with Big Bar Duo

Are you a hardcore vaper looking for something that doesn’t demand the e-liquid refilling in the clearomizer, the changing of the tank, and resistance coils? Try Big Bar Duo Disposable Vape to enjoy Vaping buy now https://ravenroute.com/products/big-bar-duo-disposable-vape


Raven Route

May 27, 2021


  1. Amplify your Vaping with Big Bar Duo Powered by -

    Raven Route
  2. Online Vape Store Are you a hardcore vaper looking for

    something that doesn’t demand the e-liquid refilling in the clearomizer, the changing of the tank, and resistance coils? Does the recharging demands in the middle of your relaxing vape moment irk you? Well, having a Big Bar Duo Disposable Vape won’t let you go through all that. It is an amazingly formed unit that will give you elongated nic hits entwined with the exotic play of two flavors that can be changed anytime. Let us take a rapid run-through of this happening pod mod that throbs the heart of vapers with its posh features.
  3. The Opulent Leads of this vaping unit are as under-

    • It holds a jumbo 2200 puff number, approximately. You can relish an extensive vaping time with these bars • Comes pre-filled with the two uber delicious savory combinations! Hearing the name will fill your mouth with water! Irresistible 11 tasty combos! • The e-liquid contains 5% of nicotine hit per unit • The VG/PG blend is 70:30. Just perfect! • The total weight of the e-juice is 6.5ml.
  4. • Has a 1100mAh powered pre-charged battery.No worries about recharging!

    • Nix to bother the battery blow-ups. It is protected against that. • The slender and sleek design will make your vaping stylish! • Made out of plastic bodies to make it travel-friendly and user-friendly. A piece of good news for people who are always on the go. • They demand just inhaling at your end. Absolutely zero maintenance pod mods!
  5. Delving into its flavor Duos- The subtle cool notes mixed

    with the ultimate tropical tastes are going to be a bang-on experience for the vapers. Here’s why we say that… • Banana Ice and Strawberry Banana • Blue Raz and Triple Strawberry • Cotton Candy Ice and Hawaiian Ice • Melon Ice and Melon Peach Rings • Peach Ice and Lush Ice
  6. • Skittles and Candy • Strawberry Watermelon Ice and Strawberry

    Lemonade Ice • Peach Gummy and Watermelon Gummy • Arctic Ice and Fuji Apple Ice • Pineapple Grape and Juicy Watermelon • Pineapple Peach Lemon Ice and Strawberry Peach Ice
  7. How to switch the flavors? There is a switch at

    the bottom of each unit which has a switching option between the two flavors that you choose to enjoy along with your throat hits.
  8. How is the flow of the vapors? The size of

    the clouds is moderate. Enough to satisfy a pro vaper. However, those who are too stubborn at adjusting with an in-built vapor flow would find this device a turn-off as it is not supported by an adjustable airflow. You won’t get any obstructions while puffing unless it is an exceptional case of a manufacturing issue.
  9. How much time can I store them? It is always

    advised to vape with the disposable as close to its production date as possible. This is because the long-time mobility might soak the e-liquid at its corners or the wick might go dry which can slightly intervene in your cloud hit. Otherwise, they are safe to keep until 2 years from the date of their manufacture. Get the vape ball rolling with these king-sized Big Bar Duos! Vape Wisely, Stay Safe!