Unison is different

Unison is different

How Unison helps your team get more done


Rurik Bradbury

January 30, 2013


  1. Unison gives you “rooms” that let you work quickly as

    a group, from any place or device
  2. What’s the point of “rooms”?

  3. You probably work in a team (or several) with people

    who are not in the same space as you.
  4. And it’s probably hard to share what you’re working on

    or see what others in your team are doing.  
  5. You need Unison rooms.  

  6. A Unison room is shared online space for each of

    your teams or projects. Here’s an example of a room:  
  7. Each room has members: just add the people from your

    company (or outside) that you want to share with:  
  8. These room members can then post updates or files in

    the room and leave comments   Post… text, files, pictures, audio!  
  9. But the really cool thing is going “live”  

  10. Just press the button and talk to the people who

    are “in” the room right now   In the room now Not in room, but online Not online right now   Press here and talk with Leslie and Teresa  
  11. Unison is a much faster way to work as a

    team. Try it now, at www.unison.com