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OpenShift Console Extensions and Integration

OpenShift Console Extensions and Integration

Red Hat Livestreaming

October 21, 2020

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  1. 2 OpenShift Console Themes OpenShift = Kubernetes Managing Kubernetes Extending

    Kubernetes Learning Kubernetes Developing on Kubernetes
  2. EXTENDING THE CONSOLE • CRDs - static customization of pre-identified

    areas of the console • OLM Descriptors - metadata driven UI generation for OLM components • RH Native Plugins - deep integration with RH components by internal teams Types of Extensions Increasing customization 20% 80% Red Hat ISVs\Customers Native plugins OLM Descriptors CRDs
  3. Console Customization for Clusters Console Customization built with CRDs Cluster

    admins will be given the ability to customize certain aspects of the web console for all cluster users. Customizations include: • Links - ConsoleLinks CRD ◦ Help Menu, User Menu, Application Menu, Project • Notifications - ConsoleNotifications CRD ◦ Top, Bottom, Top and Bottom • Branding - Console-Config ConfigMap ◦ Logo, About, Login • Command Line - ConsoleCLIDownloads CRD ◦ Add your own Command lines • External Log Links - ConsoleExternalLogLinks CRD EXTENDING THE CONSOLE
  4. EXTENDING THE CONSOLE Expose Third Party App Console for Operator-backed

    Services “Project-scoped” ConsoleLink CRD • Customize the access to integrated project-scoped third-party user interfaces for your users. • With the project-scoped external link launch mechanism, link in context to your interface. “Cluster-wide” ConsoleLink CRD • Easily integrate/onboard cluster-wide third-party user interfaces to develop, administer, and configure Operator-backed services.
  5. EXTENDING THE CONSOLE Add YAML Samples for a specific resource

    Educate Your Users with an Easy Way to Understand Kubernetes Resources • You can now add cluster-wide samples to any Kube Resource with ConsoleYAMLSamples CRD. • Each team that manages kube resources owns their samples and should make it part of their Operator. • Any Operators can add YAML samples including Third-Party ISVs
  6. Create Shortcuts for any Kubernetes Resources • You can now

    add cluster-wide Snippets to any Kube Resource with ConsoleYAMLSamples CRD. • Set Snippet Boolean Snippets Support EXTENDING THE CONSOLE 8
  7. Guiding customers with interactive documentation tours • Help customers to

    discover and enable value added services ◦ Highlight core add-on services ▪ Serverless ▪ Pipelines • Reduce the time it takes to get customers up and running • Educate users on how to maximize usage of the UI • Accessible on both the Administrator and Developer perspectives • Optional check your work section to verify tasks are done correctly Learn with QuickStarts Product Manager: Ali Mobrem 9 EXTENDING THE CONSOLE Planned in 4.7+
  8. EXTENDING THE CONSOLE Custom Metrics Dashboard with Console Dashboard Rendering

    Framework Create Meaningful Dashboards The New Dashboard CRDs will allow you to generate dashboards from any Prometheus metrics. Support Card Types: . Product Manager: Ali Mobrem • Table View • Single Stat View • Graph View Planned in 4.8+