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PYROS Build: Metrics

PYROS Build: Metrics

Regan Davis

July 14, 2022

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  1. regan davis product leader from chicago, il BACKGROUND EIR @

    1871 Sr. Director of Product @ SpotHero Advisor, Coach regandavis.com VP of Product @ Jellyvision VP of Product @ info.com
  2. regandavis.com ACQUISITION how do people fi nd you and (eventually)

    turn into customers? how good is their fi rst customer experience? ACTIVATION (Credit:Melanie Blake via Medium)
  3. regandavis.com User/Logo retention: % of new users who are still

    active 3-6 mo. later L7/L30 retention: Number of days that users are active per week/month RETENTION REFERRAL Invite rate: % of new users who sent at least one invite in the fi rst X days Invite conversion: % of received invites that sign-up in the next X days Virality factor: % of new users who have come from an invite (Credit:Melanie Blake via Medium)
  4. regandavis.com start with What’s the main goal of your user?

    Look Book Park compare parking options reserve and pre-pay for parking show up at garage to guaranteed spot
  5. regandavis.com next What are the paths they take to get

    there? • capture an event for each step in the path • create a funnel from the steps that are common
  6. regandavis.com track Events and Properties • Screen • Trigger •

    Action (Event) • Extra info (Properties) • Description
  7. regandavis.com “The only difference between screwing around and science is

    writing down your results.“ — Adam Savage, Mythbusters
  8. regandavis.com We hypothesize that showing Quick Rebook to guest users

    will help customers [see the value of an account] and increase [account signup X%*] • Quick Rebook Click-through Rate (from home screen) • Account sign-up rate METRIC BET (HYPOTHESIS) (*Note: numbers are obfuscated.) Quick Rebook
  9. regandavis.com We hypothesize that asking for an account when users

    try to cancel will … increase [account signup Y%*] • Account sign-up rate • Customer service calls • Cancellation rate METRIC BET (HYPOTHESIS) (*Note: numbers are obfuscated.) Quick Rebook
  10. regandavis.com quick rebook • major boost in signup • more

    use of the app overall ✅ cancel button • it did increase signups… • but likely caused more issues 😱
  11. “Experiment with multiple solutions. When one of those experiments is

    a failure, you're not starting from scratch again.” —Shannon Rashedi, Sr. PM, Mobile regandavis.com
  12. put the user at the heart of your ideas use

    analytics to measure if your guess was right keep learning — talk to your users often focus on who measure what ask why regandavis.com