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Remember the rubber hose

Remember the rubber hose

A talk in distributed ledgers, privacy and an often disregarded threat mode.

Ricardo J. Méndez

July 20, 2018

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  1. @argesric @samsungnext About me Technical Director for Europe at Samsung

    NEXT in Berlin. We partner with innovators and invest in forward-looking deep-tech companies. This talk, however, is about privacy. Feel free to grab me later if you want to talk more.
  2. @argesric @samsungnext Kudos to the organizers. We need more conferences

    taking people’s desire for privacy into account.
  3. @argesric @samsungnext People do know a few things, though The

    "crypto"comes from all the data out there being encrypted... Blockchains are private because they are decentralized... And this makes them anonymous and untraceable.
  4. @argesric @samsungnext Privacy “as a way to prevent signalling concerns

    from encompassing all of our activity.” Vitalik Buterin, reddit thread
  5. @argesric @samsungnext Raise your hand… Who believes in being in

    control of their private keys? Who expects public key cryptography will keep our data safe at least until quantum computers? Who has ever had a gun to their heads?