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It's about the curry

It's about the curry

A talk on craft, survivor bias, and focusing on the details

Ricardo J. Méndez

February 02, 2018

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  1. @ArgesRic http://tiny.cc/rjm The biases • Software engineer • Running teams

    for ~20 years • Running a consultancy for 10+ years • Can end up working with 2-3 teams a year.
  2. @ArgesRic https://tiny.cc/rjm Nobody likes to be an assembly line piece

    waiting to be automated.
 Craft sounds like a good way of not getting Mechanical Turk’d.
  3. @ArgesRic https://tiny.cc/rjm "Most people have too exalted an idea of

    what art must be to connect their own impulses to create with delivering themselves." — David Cronenberg
  4. @ArgesRic https://tiny.cc/rjm “Wow, that's nice” “I found a beautiful fix

    for this case” “You should see how well this all fits together”