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It's about the curry

It's about the curry

A talk on craft, survivor bias, and focusing on the details


Ricardo J. Méndez

February 02, 2018


  1. It’s about the curry Ricardo J. Méndez @ArgesRic

  2. @ArgesRic The biases • Software engineer • Running teams

    for ~20 years • Running a consultancy for 10+ years • Can end up working with 2-3 teams a year.
  3. @ArgesRic Sure, we all love craft. Totally.

  4. @ArgesRic Can’t define it. Some high and lofty artistry-

    focused definition
  5. @ArgesRic Nobody likes to be an assembly line piece

    waiting to be automated.
 Craft sounds like a good way of not getting Mechanical Turk’d.
  6. @ArgesRic Doing things by hand? Skill? Tradition? Quality?

  7. @ArgesRic Consistently avoiding shortcuts so you can get a

    better result.
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  13. @ArgesRic

  14. @ArgesRic

  15. @ArgesRic Survivor Bias

  16. @ArgesRic That’s an end state, not a process.

  17. @ArgesRic

  18. @ArgesRic "Most people have too exalted an idea of

    what art must be to connect their own impulses to create with delivering themselves." — David Cronenberg
  19. @ArgesRic Consistently avoiding shortcuts so you can get a

    better result.
  20. @ArgesRic Find allies who share your aesthetics

  21. @ArgesRic Everybody can tolerate doing something ugly, but for

    a while.
  22. @ArgesRic “Wow, that's nice” “I found a beautiful fix

    for this case” “You should see how well this all fits together”
  23. @ArgesRic Shared aesthetics help with definitions.

  24. @ArgesRic Allies are not just co-workers.

  25. @ArgesRic

  26. @ArgesRic Shared aesthetics generate trust.

  27. @ArgesRic Shared aesthetics make jamming easier

  28. @ArgesRic

  29. @ArgesRic Your focus is on doing your part.

  30. @ArgesRic

  31. @ArgesRic You’ll need know to pick up after others,

    to help. So will they.
  32. @ArgesRic Enjoying the aesthetics of what you're creating is

  33. @ArgesRic Diversity generates interesting aesthetics.

  34. @ArgesRic Running a team? You’re not a conductor, you’re

    a stage hand.
  35. @ArgesRic Shortcuts are tempting

  36. @ArgesRic Arrange situations so doing the right thing is

  37. @ArgesRic Define best practices. Build good habits. Train. Repeat.

  38. @ArgesRic Best practices don’t care if you’re having a

    good day.
  39. @ArgesRic Allies are part of this support structure.

  40. @ArgesRic A tolerance for past mistakes

  41. @ArgesRic Improvement correlates with how much you can tolerate

    cringing at your past work.
  42. @ArgesRic Allies give you perspective. Allies challenge you.

  43. @ArgesRic Yes, you will exert yourself

  44. @ArgesRic The wrong people will turn your entire day

    into table-flipping o'clock.
  45. @ArgesRic Crafting is about shaping the result

  46. @ArgesRic Find a place where people see the value

    you provide.
  47. @ArgesRic It’s not an extra, it’s the job

  48. @ArgesRic Focus. Work. Consistently.

  49. @ArgesRic Not the CCO

  50. @ArgesRic Don’t let the madness get lost in the

  51. @ArgesRic You need to bring something from yourself.

  52. @ArgesRic Frameworks are training wheels for the mind.

  53. @ArgesRic Frameworks are other people’s choices.

  54. @ArgesRic Wait, didn’t you just say…?

  55. @ArgesRic A certain disregard for authority

  56. @ArgesRic Whatever experience they have. Whomever they are.

  57. @ArgesRic *And that includes me.

  58. @ArgesRic Thank You