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The Arrival of a Train

The Arrival of a Train

A talk on the difference between Creativity and Innovation, and lessons from the tech and software industries that can help other creative disciplines. I wrote and delivered it at the European Film Forum on "Creativity, Technology, Finance & Democracy for Europe post 2020".

Ricardo J. Méndez

November 30, 2018

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  1. November 30, 2018 / ricardo@samsungnext.com @ArgesRic
 https://mastodon.social/@ricardojmendez/ The Arrival of

    a Train Ricardo J. Méndez
  2. @argesric @samsungnext Preview of Coming Attractions

  3. In the beginning…

  4. @argesric @samsungnext Auguste and Louis Lumière • Invented the cinématographe

    • Multiple movie patents • Color film technology and the color plate.
  5. @argesric @samsungnext 1895 • February: patented the cinématographe. • March

    19: recorded footage. • March 22: first private showings. • December: paid public screening of 10 shorts.
  6. @argesric @samsungnext

  7. @argesric @samsungnext And understood marketing!

  8. @argesric @samsungnext “Cinema is an invention without any future”

  9. Innovation

  10. @argesric @samsungnext If you are truly innovating, you have no

    idea what you are doing.
  11. @argesric @samsungnext It's not about the gadget, but about what

    you make out of it.
  12. Creativity

  13. @argesric @samsungnext Realistic? Really?

  14. @argesric @samsungnext

  15. @argesric @samsungnext Tech demo

  16. @argesric @samsungnext This. This is new.

  17. Innovation vs. Creativity

  18. @argesric @samsungnext Innovation is about making something new. Creativity is

    about how you use this new thing you have created.
  19. @argesric @samsungnext vs.

  20. @argesric @samsungnext “What happens when film meets tech?”

  21. @argesric @samsungnext Film is tech

  22. @argesric @samsungnext

  23. @argesric @samsungnext 1-to-1 replacements are easy to reason about

  24. Moving on…

  25. @argesric @samsungnext There was once a tiny company…

  26. @argesric @samsungnext It wasn’t just this, either.

  27. @argesric @samsungnext What mattered were new users and machines.

  28. @argesric @samsungnext Sure. So what?

  29. @argesric @samsungnext

  30. @argesric @samsungnext

  31. @argesric @samsungnext Users. Not viewers.

  32. @argesric @samsungnext Customized. Personal. Apocryphal.

  33. @argesric @samsungnext

  34. @argesric @samsungnext

  35. @argesric @samsungnext Create a read/write future. We don’t have a

    monopoly on creativity.
  36. @argesric @samsungnext Tech can enable us.

  37. @argesric @samsungnext

  38. @argesric @samsungnext

  39. @argesric @samsungnext

  40. @argesric @samsungnext 11 Laws That Choke Creativity https://youtu.be/7Q25-S7jzgs

  41. @argesric @samsungnext

  42. @argesric @samsungnext But what if they copy my stuff?

  43. @argesric @samsungnext This is a post-scarcity era.

  44. @argesric @samsungnext “The problem isn’t piracy. The problem is obscurity.”

    — Cory Doctorow
  45. A larger pattern

  46. @argesric @samsungnext

  47. @argesric @samsungnext It is always a bad idea to bet

    against openness.
  48. The Arrival of a Train

  49. @argesric @samsungnext

  50. @argesric @samsungnext (fade to black, roll credits) Contact: ricardo@samsungnext.com