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The Truth of the Thing

The Truth of the Thing

A talk on conceptual accessibility being fundamental for adoption, while discussing mistakes I've made.

Ricardo J. Méndez

March 06, 2019

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  1. @argesric @samsungnext Preview of coming attractions •It's not all about

    tech; •Access and understanding > usability; •Lack of either access or understanding deepens inequality; •We are running out of time.
  2. @argesric @samsungnext “A new scientific truth does not triumph by

    convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grow up that is familiar with it.” — Max Planck
  3. @argesric @samsungnext That deepening inequality? We risk that happening again,

    between those with understanding and access, and those without.
  4. @argesric @samsungnext When all you have is an obsession with

    computer science everything looks like a systems architecture problem.
  5. @argesric @samsungnext Accessible means users can approach the truth of

    the thing. If it isn’t conceptually accessible, we are just asking users to trade overlords.
  6. @argesric @samsungnext Which aspects could cause irretrievable damage to a

    user who doesn’t understand them from the start?
  7. @argesric @samsungnext Keep in mind who will use it, because

    people’s situations are different. Remember that we are privileged.
  8. @argesric @samsungnext People •Mining hardware at risk of being confiscated;

    •Working abroad, wanting to send money home; •Unaware that they are in an economy about to tank.
  9. @argesric @samsungnext You are working on the future. This should

    worry you. People will live with the decisions you make.
  10. @argesric @samsungnext We can’t afford to wait until it goes

    mainstream. Someone will figure out how to make this accessible.