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How to write a great Conference Proposal - Global CFP Day - Johannesburg 2019

How to write a great Conference Proposal - Global CFP Day - Johannesburg 2019

In this presentation, Rebecca covered how to write a great conference proposal and some tips for submitting a proposal to a tech conference.

Rebecca Franks

March 02, 2019

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  1. How to write a great conference proposal Global CFP Day

    2019 - Johannesburg Rebecca Franks @riggaroo
  2. The aim of Today is to get you Comfortable, Confident

    and Prepared to Speak at Meetup/ Conference @riggaroo
  3. How did I start? - Volunteered to speak at a

    meetup - Submitted a talk idea I had to a local conference - Got rejected a few times - Kept applying. - Spoken across the globe - USA, Switzerland, Italy, Kenya, Ukraine, Prague, Krakow - Now have organised meetups and conferences @riggaroo
  4. How has Speaking at conferences Helped me? - Given me

    confidence in my job - Allowed me to meet great people - Introvert -> Extrovert - Better opportunities -> better job offers + more compensation. - Improved my own skills - Travel! @riggaroo
  5. Let’s talk about a CFP What is it? Call for

    Papers Call for Proposals Information regarding a professional talk. Generally just an Abstract and Description. @riggaroo
  6. IDEATION 1. Write down topics that you think will be

    good to speak about. Doesn’t have to be perfect. 2. Ask someone which topics would interest them. 3. Choose one or two from your list. 4. Think of how your talk would be structured. Think of the length of the talk and what you will be speaking about for each bit of time. 5. Write down initial points you will cover in the talk. @riggaroo
  7. What makes a good topic? - Something you are busy

    with at work - Something you are passionate about - Something that interests you and you want to learn more about - Something you’ve recently learnt that was hard to achieve or understand just from the docs - Introductory topics are also great - it doesn’t have to be something new. @riggaroo
  8. WRITE UP - TITLE 1. Come up with a few

    different titles for the same talk. 2. Ask a friend which one they prefer. @riggaroo
  9. What Makes a Good Title? - Must convey the basic

    topic of the talk - Interesting titles (perhaps combine your favourite movie title or song?) - Easily Googleable - Can often ask a question that your presentation will answer @riggaroo
  10. - In a World of Pure Animation - Practical Image

    Processing in Android - Building Beautiful Layouts with MotionLayout - Kotlin Multiplatform: code sharing without compromise - Is your app for everyone? A primer on accessibility for Android @riggaroo
  11. WRITE UP - Abstract - Length: 3 - 5 sentences.

    Some conferences have restrictions. - Most important is to convey what a user will learn by attending your session. - Mention some topics that you will cover in the presentation (but remember to properly plan a rough outline before, to estimate how much time you will take) - Take your time. Don’t rush through making one. @riggaroo
  12. Good Example In a World of Pure Android Animation Have

    you dreamed of deliciously sweet animations in your app but have no idea where to start? What about creating some delightful UI treats to keep your users intrigued and wanting to discover more? Join Rebecca on this journey into a World of Pure Android Animation ✨. From creating custom view animations on a Canvas to using MotionLayout to create complex layout animations, there is something for everyone. We will also see how to create your own AnimatedVectorDrawable using Shape Shifter. No golden ticket required. @riggaroo
  13. Submit! - Practise your talk at work - Start at

    a local meetup (JoziJS, GDG Johannesburg, Jozi JUG, etc) - send them your proposal. - Document every talk you’ve ever done. Put your slides on speakerdeck. Try record yourself speaking. All this helps get your next speaking slot. - Start submitting to conferences. - https://sessionize.com/ - https://androidstudygroup.github.io/conferences/ @riggaroo
  14. Tips - Submit more than one proposal. - Build your

    profile up online. International conferences will not accept you if they don’t know who you are or where you’ve been. - bit.ly/rebecca-cfp @riggaroo