In a World of Pure Android Animation 🍭🍫

In a World of Pure Android Animation 🍭🍫

Have you dreamed of deliciously sweet animations in your app but have no idea where to start? 🍫 What about creating some delightful UI treats to keep your users intrigued and wanting to discover more? 🍦 Join Rebecca on this journey into a World of Pure Android Animation ✨. From creating custom view animations on a Canvas to using MotionLayout to create complex layout animations, there is something for everyone. We will also see how to create your own AnimatedVectorDrawable using Shape Shifter. No golden ticket required.

Rebecca is an Android Engineer from South Africa. She is a Google Developer Expert in Android and loves helping other developers learn new things. During the day, she works for a company called Over, where she helps to contribute to the graphic design app on a day to day basis. She loves travelling and baking.



Rebecca Franks

April 23, 2019