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Odyssey Design

Ryan Kendrick
October 14, 2022

Odyssey Design

Ryan Kendrick

October 14, 2022

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  1. The Odyssey An Animated Epic ANIM310 F2 Ryan Kendrick |

    ryankendrickanimation.com Production Design Fall 2022
  2. Story T o return to his wife and kingdom means

    facing monsters, magic and even the wrath of the Gods. Is Odysseus, cleverest of the Greeks, up to the challenge? Ryan Kendrick | ryankendrickanimation.com ANIM310 F2
  3. Story This is the story of the 10 year long

    journey of Ithacan King , Odysseus after the T rojan War Ryan Kendrick | ryankendrickanimation.com ANIM310 F2
  4. Events Arrives at Phaeacia alone and tells his tale to

    King Alcinous Leaves the shores of T roy with his fl eet to return home to Ithaca Raids a near by town, loses a couple of men in the raid Arrives at the Isle of the Lotus Eaters Arrives at Polyphemus’s Island. Is captured then blinds the cyclops. Is cursed to never reach home unless all his comrades die along the way Meets Aeolus and is gifted a bag of winds Almost at Ithaca when his men release the winds, blowing them off course Begs Aeolus for aid again. Is denied Fleet is destroyed by the Laestrygonians (giants) Arrives at Circe’s Island. Men are turned into animals, Helped by Hermes and they stay for 1 year Voyage to the land of the dead. Meets ghosts of his Mother, Achilles, and Agamemnon. Encounters Persephone Spends the night on Circe’s Island. Is warned of the Sirens, Wandering Rocks and Scylla and Charybdis Passes the Sirens Choses the straights and loses 6 men to Scylla Stranded on Hyperion’s Island. Forced to eat forbidden cattle and sheep Zeus Destroys his ship killing the rest of his crew and leaving him stranded at sea. Faces Charybdis alone Washes up on Calypso’s island and is held prisoner for 7 years Builds boat and sails back to Ithaca, Poseidon wrecks his boat and is washed up of Phaeacia. Phaeacians offer him a ride to Ithaca. Abandon him on the shores. Polyphemus’s curse his lifted Athena visits him and disguises him as a beggar. Stays with his former Swineherd. Reunites with his son and plots to over throw the suitors that have disgraced his home. Penelope holds archery contest for the suitors to win her hand in marriage. None of them succeed. She retires and Odysseus reveals himself Odysseus and his son slaughter the suitors T owns people try to take revenge for their slain sons and brothers, Zeus and Athena put an end to the riot Ryan Kendrick | ryankendrickanimation.com ANIM310 F2
  5. Ryan Kendrick | ryankendrickanimation.com ANIM310 F2 Format Style: Millenium Graphic

    Setting: Ancient Greece Medium: 2d animated Series. 30 Min Episodes