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Highjacked: Video Game Concept Design

Ryan Kendrick
November 01, 2023

Highjacked: Video Game Concept Design

Ryan Kendrick

November 01, 2023

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  1. Concept An amorphous alien has crash landed on earth and

    has been kidnapped by government scientists and sent to a deep undercover lab. Desperate to return home, the alien uses his captors to aid in his escape. Ryan Kendrick|ryankendrickanimation.com
  2. Ryan Kendrick|ryankendrickanimation.com Alien Our little alien friend that crashed on

    Earth and the player character. He has the ability to spit a paralyzing fl uid and infect and control other organisms. While in control of others he can use their unique skills and receives a health and attack boost
  3. Ryan Kendrick|ryankendrickanimation.com Guard Highjacked Form Security guard for the lab.

    He is the fi rst responder to the Alien break out. A short range attacker, he deals a strong punch attack that knocks his foes to the ground
  4. Ryan Kendrick|ryankendrickanimation.com Intern Highjacked Form The lab intern. He is

    easily startled and as a result frequently drops the coffee he was sent to get all over the place. A mid range attacker that deals light damage
  5. Ryan Kendrick|ryankendrickanimation.com Scientist Highjacked Form The Scientist is naturally curious

    and always tired. She is a long range attacker that deals medium damage by throwing vials of chemicals