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Stop Arguing, Start Guiding: Six Basics Developers Need to Focus On

Rob Waller
February 18, 2018

Stop Arguing, Start Guiding: Six Basics Developers Need to Focus On

Senior Developers often forget what their core role is, they end up arguing about the minutiae of code rather than helping others progress.

Rob Waller

February 18, 2018

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  1. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller Me Today Head of Technology.

    Breakthrough Media, London. Team of 10: Devs, PMs and QA. We do Jekyll, WordPress and Laravel. We love Vue.js.
  2. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller “The PHP community is broken.

    There are clear factions of die-hard fans within our wider ecosystem viciously guarding their own biases and making the same denigrating and sneering comments we already face from the much wider software community.” Neil Brooks, Hackernoon The global PHP community continues to toxify itself, and we need to halt it for the sake of our peers
  3. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller Jeffrey Way Founder of Laracasts.

    2014 published SOLID Principles in PHP videos, it was a great help to me. He’s helped the team of developers I manage improve. One of the most successful PHP developers on the planet.
  4. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller Marco Pivetta Contributor to Doctrine,

    ZendFramework and many more OSS projects. PHP SouthCoast 2016 his Extremely Defensive PHP talk was inspirational. He’s great on Twitter. He’s much more talented than I am.
  5. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller #VisualDebt In May 2017 Jeffrey

    Way released an infamous video entitled Visual Debt!! He suggested we didn’t always need to use type hints, return types and interfaces. “In so much of the PHP community there is a tendency to default to complexity rather than to fight for it.”
  6. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller You Don’t Have Time You

    don’t need to explain the complicated stuff. Juniors can learn it themselves. Teach them where to start.
  7. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller Where to Learn Google HTML

    Goodies ;) Laracasts Dev.to Hackernoon
  8. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller Wax On, Wax Off Use

    the command line everywhere!! Especially with SQL. Use simple text editors, vanilla Sublime. Learn to debug. Try to do it without error messages.
  9. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller Keep It Simple Short Classes.

    Short Methods. Minimise Control Structures: if if foreach while if...
  10. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller Be Kind to Your Friends

    Write some comments. Name things clearly. Don’t use variables like $a or $b.
  11. W: rbrt.wllr.info | T: @RobDWaller Don’t be Stupid Test things!!

    Don’t hot-fix on production! Think about security.