RxJava Easy Wins - Droidcon NYC 2014

E097aa898a62cea7f5a9ddf9b3d8615c?s=47 Ron Shapiro
September 21, 2014

RxJava Easy Wins - Droidcon NYC 2014

Everyone keeps talking about Reactive Programming and RxJava, but how is it actually used in Android programming? This talk will discuss the building blocks of reactive programming, Observables, and how to understand the core parts of push-not-pull programming. Learn how to easily do work on a background thread in one line while still updating your UI on the main thread, easily implement a Publish-Subscribe pattern with Observables and Subjects, and take advantage of RxJava to make form-based UIs simple. Finally, we'll look at how using Observables can improve testing and ensure that your code will not block the UI thread if operations are blocked.


Ron Shapiro

September 21, 2014