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Actors, Evolved.

by Rotem Hermon

Published December 7, 2016 in Programming

The actor model is a novel approach to writing concurrent software. It is based on the concept of small computational units communicating through asynchronous message passing, thus allowing concurrency and scalability while negating a lot of the problems of concurrent programming.

Though the actor model got some adoption with the Erlang language and the Akka framework, it remained a rather niche approach and has not become a commonly used practice.

But this may be changing now with the introduction of “Virtual Actors” - a new abstraction for writing distributed applications. This abstraction was introduced with the Orleans framework by Microsoft and adopted to Java by EA with their Orbit framework.

This talk will include a short introduction to the actor model. We will then explore the Virtual Actors abstraction, how it’s different from the classic model, and why it makes distributed application programming a lot simpler.

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