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What I look for in a Junior Developer

What I look for in a Junior Developer

Or, what I'm secretly wondering while I'm interviewing you or reviewing your résumé.


Ross Kaffenberger

November 20, 2016


  1. What I look for in a Junior Developer Ross Kaffenberger

    rossta.net @rossta
  2. None
  3. • Interviews I’ve done • Stuff I read on the

    internet How I learned
  4. Interviewer

  5. Questions I ask and what they really mean

  6. “Tell me about a project you worked on recently” Question

  7. “Are you skilled at picking up new skills?” Translation

  8. “Tell me about your background” Question

  9. “What can you provide that my team is missing?” Translation

  10. “Write code that does $X” Question

  11. Translation “How do you solve problems?”

  12. “Why do you want to be a programmer” Question

  13. “Are you committed?” Translation

  14. Takeaways • Be specific, tell stories • Probe for details

    you can use • Talk to the rubber duck • Prove your potential
  15. @rossta rossta.net Ross Kaffenberger