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Works on all machines

Works on all machines

A gentle introduction to XP (eXtreme Programming)


Andrea Magnorsky

October 20, 2012

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  1. Works on my all machines Andrea Magnorsky

  2. Things I have done (that have logos) @roundcrisis www.batcatgames.com

  3. Wonderful things I heard over time "You need to have

    regional setting en-ie for that to work" "Did you forget to install the database? oh and run the scripts too" "Failed with a NullException? ahh.. maybe it wont work without the update to LolCat-4.03 "
  4. None
  5. Isolate to replicate

  6. Source Control

  7. Source Control - pick your poison Image source http://livingdead01.deviantart.com/art/Pick-your-Poison-144058880 Git

  8. "I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects

    after myself. First 'Linux', now 'git'." Linus Torvalds
  9. Doesn't need to happen

  10. Continuous Integration - Discipline, - Environmental differences in developers machines

    Every commit builds
  11. • Checks and download required dependencies • Builds your project

    • Run tests • Package your build (think multiple configurations: Demo, Stable, etc) • Notify of result Automate your build
  12. Consume the code you wrote with more code. Unit test,

    tests a unit, generally a class, in isolation. Integration, tests at a system level using many units. Unit and integration testing
  13. Example

  14. These practises have been in place since early 1996, however

    not everyone uses them, this is really sad. There is no point in waiting This is not new
  15. • Do all this at the start of a project,

    easier to grow. • Read on ...Martin Fowler - http://bit.ly/ciFowler Start at the begining
  16. Thanks