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Monogame 3

Monogame 3

A birds eye view of monogame, an open source implementation of XNA 4.0.


Andrea Magnorsky

February 28, 2013

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  1. monoGame 3.0 Andrea Magnorsky @roundcrisis roundcrisis.com

  2. • Write Once, Play Everywhere. What is monoGame?

  3. MonoGame Windows 8 .NET 4.5 NET 4.0 Xamarin MonoTouch Xamarin

    Xamarin for Android Mono SharpDX Direct X OpenTK OpenGL / OpenAL
  4. Many titles already using MonoGame: iOS 30+ titles! Android 15+

    titles Windows 8 20+ titles Mac OS, Linux 10+ titles Chrome Bastion Released Games
  5. • February o FOSDEM • March o 2.5 Released o

    Sickhead Games joined! • June o 2.5.1 Released • July o Develop Brighton o Microsoft get interested • October - what a month! o BETA 3.0 o MonkeySpace o Raspberry Pi Support o Windows Phone 8 Support o //BUILD o Channel 9 o Hull University - Three Things Games • November o State of Play • December o OUYA Support How was 2012

  7. Why use it?

  8. • OSS! • Based off XNA <-pretty cool • *nix

    workflow • VS and Monodevelop support • Multiplatform with 95% code reuse :D Important reasons
  9. Money reasons

  10. Types of games... & moneys * Taken from http://www.appannie.com/blog/mobile-games-that-last/

  11. Types of games... & moneys * Taken from http://www.appannie.com/blog/mobile-games-that-last/

  12. Convting an XNA Sample To android

  13. • If using an emulator check that GPU emulation is

    actually on • Set content to AndroidAsset Gotchas
  14. With shaders To Win8 Converting an XNA sample

  15. • Build the content using Monogame* as the content processor

    • In the content in the windows 8 project, set the content to “content” Gotchas
  16. Games Infinite Flight http://flyingdevstudio.blogspot.co.uk/

  17. Games ARMED! http://www.armedgame.com/

  18. Games

  19. Games Draw a Stickman – EPIC Adventure http://epic.drawastickman.com/

  20. Games Tin Man Can (first Chillingo game) http://www.redcandygames.com/

  21. Games Skulls of the Shogon (first Microsoft Studios game) http://www.skullsoftheshogun.com/

  22. The Future....

  23. • Enhancements and foxes • Better docs • Content Pipeline

    This year
  24. Content pie: Linux

  25. Platforms Windows Phone 8 In Progress 2D, 3D PlayStation Mobile

    In Progress 2D Working Raspberry Pi In Progress 2D, 3D Working Google Chrome Planned Ouya In Progress 2D, 3D Working
  26. • Use it and give feedback • Talk about it

    • Send pull requests :D How to grow it?
  27. IRC: Channel : #monogame Server : irc.gnome.org YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/MonoGameTeam

    Twitter @MonoGameTeam http://monogame.net Moar mono games
  28. Thanks