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Empathy through Acting

Roy Tomeij
April 17, 2018

Empathy through Acting

Individuals can only advance when they know they are valued, listened to, and understood. Without having lived the same life as them, it's often hard to understand why people do what they do. It requires empathy, and practicing empathy can be tough when someone differs greatly from you, personally or professionally. But, being empathetic can be learned, for instance through method acting.

Let's talk about the fascinating acting techniques of Stanislavski, Strasberg, Adler & Meisner, and learn how you too can employ the Method to better understand (and work with) the people in your life.

PS: These slides are probably useless without the talk ;-)

Roy Tomeij

April 17, 2018


  1. empathy through acting

  2. @roy

  3. an experiment

  4. that's not what happened

  5. why me & why acting?

  6. a make-believe situation + a recalled emotion = good acting

  7. what is empathy?

  8. empathy is the psychological identification with, or vicarious experiencing of,

    the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of another
  9. TL;DR the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes

  10. sympathy

  11. sympathy vs empathy pity vs understanding

  12. self-care

  13. None
  14. drama triangle

  15. None
  16. victim rescuer persecutor

  17. so, acting?

  18. to listen

  19. to be accepting

  20. to let go of status

  21. to work together

  22. to work with what's there

  23. what is acting?

  24. feeling a genuine emotion in a make-believe situation

  25. acting is always about conflict

  26. the Method the Method

  27. None
  28. –Daniel Day-Lewis “the gravitational pull of another life that fires

    one’s curiosity”
  29. some good news

  30. –Konstantin Stanislavski “the art of experiencing”

  31. employing the Method

  32. The Empathetic Acting Method

  33. TEAM

  34. five steps to TEAM 1. let go 2. basic emotion

    3. listen & learn 4. complex emotion 5. memory recall
  35. 1. let go

  36. 2. determine the basic emotion

  37. 3. learn through active listening

  38. 3. learn through active listening

  39. 4. determine the complex emotion

  40. a situation that seems uncontrollable and unavoidable, and a mood

    state of not being ready to cope with upcoming negative events
  41. 5. memory recall

  42. 5. memory recall

  43. empathy through acting

  44. BONUS: conflict resolution

  45. be nice

  46. be nice

  47. @roy