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The Future of CSS Isn't CSS

The Future of CSS Isn't CSS

The future of CSS are pre- and post-processors. Let’s explore how we could benefit from a more programmatic approach to writing CSS, and go batshit crazy on Sass.

Demo code to go with this deck:


Roy Tomeij

June 10, 2015


  1. The Future of CSS Isn't CSS

  2. The Present of CSS Isn't CSS

  3. Hi, I'm @Roy slides:

  4. slides:

  5. Pre-Processors vs Post-Processors

  6. What's in a name?

  7. Pre-Processors extend the CSS spec

  8. Post-Processors modify the CSS spec

  9. vs .foo { color: replace-color(red); } .foo { color: red;

  10. Write intention revealing CSS

  11. Variables are old news...

  12. Programming in your CSS

  13. CSS is a machine language

  14. Creativity > Repetition

  15. Configuration > Search & replace

  16. Fun > Frustration

  17. Sass is great for non-developers too

  18. To the code!

  19. The following code was copy & pasted by trained monkeys.

    Don't try this at home.
  20. slides: