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What (Not) to Do

Roy Tomeij
October 05, 2017

What (Not) to Do

For the Fronteers 2017 Jam Session (lightning talks) I gave a 10-minute presentation with 45 tips on what (not) to do as a speaker.

Roy Tomeij

October 05, 2017

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  1. What (Not) to Do

  2. Don't brag in your too long introduction

  3. Preparation

  4. Know what the event is about

  5. Brainstorm Q&A

  6. Proper dimensions & contrast for slides

  7. Know the resolution of the projector

  8. Practice your timing

  9. Dress appropriately

  10. Don't wear your lanyard

  11. Know the mic

  12. Tuck away loose wires

  13. Don't have jewellery hit your mic

  14. A clip-on mic is mono-directional

  15. Computer audio? Volume check!

  16. Turn off desktop notifications

  17. Prevent your display from going to sleep

  18. Use a remote to advance slides

  19. Take a pee

  20. Turn fear into excitement

  21. The Talk

  22. Don't start with a boring introduction

  23. Sip water wisely

  24. Don't be afraid of silence

  25. Instead be afraid of filler words

  26. Don't read your speaker notes

  27. Don't sound dull

  28. Don't turn your back on the audience to read your

  29. Don't step out of the light

  30. None
  31. Don't make your audience feel dumb

  32. Don't go too fast

  33. Connect with your audience

  34. Pace yourself

  35. Don't laugh louder than the audience

  36. Show of hands

  37. Be aware of when you're up

  38. Don't be bothered by phones and laptops

  39. Move around & make gestures

  40. Offer clear take-away's

  41. Be tweetable

  42. None
  43. If you didn't bring it, don't mention it

  44. Be Your Best

  45. Don't wing it

  46. Don't get drunk night before

  47. Don't be a douche

  48. Respect the code of conduct

  49. Be inclusive

  50. You're not better than anyone else

  51. Be approachable

  52. Break the rules. Intentionally.

  53. Roy Tomeij