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openSUSE conf. SCM/CI Integration

openSUSE conf. SCM/CI Integration

Rubhan Azeem

May 26, 2023

Other Decks in Programming


  1. This talk is focused on o Introduction to the SCM/CI

    integration o Example of a workflow implementation o Limitations of SCM/CI integration Overview of the talk
  2. o SCM collaborate, OBS build o Manage your packages sources

    o Integration with OBS o Run different workflows e.g., package building and update status to the SCM o Take advantage of SCM systems Introduction
  3. Requirements o Repository on GitHub o Package on OBS o

    Workflows definition should reside in .obs/workflows.yml o Personal access token on SCM (With minimum scope of repo in case of GitHub) o Workflow token on OBS o Set a Webhook Implementation of a workflow
  4. o OBS and GitHub talk to each other via tokens

    o GitHub tells OBS about certain event (a new pull/merge request was opened) via webhooks o You configure the workflow that should run on OBS in a YAML file stored in your GitHub repository o OBS executes the workflow you configured o OBS reports the status (pending, success or failure) of the workflow to the pull request that was opened Process behind the scene
  5. o source_project: The name of the project that contains the

    package o source_package: The name of the package you want to build o target_project: The name of the project that will contain the branched package. Workflows.yml workflow: steps: - branch_package: source_project: games source_package: ctris target_project: home:jane
  6. Filters o Customize workflows by declaring branch or event filters:

    event: pull_request branches: only: - master - staging filters: event: pull_request branches: ignore: - staging filters: event: pull_request
  7. 1. User documentation SCM/CI integration https://openbuildservice.org/help/manuals/obs-user- guide/cha.obs.scm_ci_workflow_integration.html 2. Blog posts

    for latest updates https://openbuildservice.org/2021/05/31/scm-integration/ 3. GitHub repo: https://github.com/rubhanazeem/hello_world/ 4. Contact: [email protected] References