2014 ATL Docker Meetup - Showcasing Panamax

E40e0d06ed05f17385dee72a56cfda48?s=47 Rupak Ganguly
September 10, 2014

2014 ATL Docker Meetup - Showcasing Panamax

Panamax - Docker Management for Humans

Find out how Panamax will enhance your use of Docker and simplify common pain points. Docker is good, but Panamax makes it awesome. This presentation introduces Panamax, and takes you on a journey where you will create containerized applications, and then share the applications with your friends. It will also touch upon the basic architecture and underpinnings of Panamax. Panamax is open-source product from CenturyLink. You can learn how to contribute and stay involved as new features are added.


Rupak Ganguly

September 10, 2014