Building serverless applications with reusable Serverless Components

Building serverless applications with reusable Serverless Components

Builds upon the success of the Serverless Framework and introduces Serverless Components. The presentation covers aspects of the component qualities, architecture, usage and finishes off with a demo.


Rupak Ganguly

July 17, 2018


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    building serverless applications with reusable serverless components Serverless Meetup

    Lviv, Ukraine July 17th, 2018 Rupak Ganguly Enterprise Solutions Architect Photo by Esther Jiao on Unsplash
  2. 7.

    build cloud-native apps quickly, with minimal overhead. serverless inc. Founded

    in 2015, San Francisco, CA | @goserverless
  3. 9.

    build and iterate on serverless applications easily & quickly across

    vendors framework serverless
  4. 11. serverless framework open-source cli, written in nodejs provider agnostic,

    abstraction layer serverless.yml: configuration file, maps handlers to functions to events functions, events, code & resource mgmt. plugin system to extend & hook into life-cycle events framework serverless
  5. 12. # new app, templates sls create # write code

    sls deploy # update code sls deploy function # local testing sls invoke local # debugging sls logs # remote testing sls invoke easy application workflow # rollback sls rollback # analytics sls metrics # cleanup sls remove framework serverless
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    building serverless applications with the serverless framework is easy but

    it could be easier. framework serverless
  7. 15.

    simple building blocks that can package cloud/SaaS services, logic &

    automation to build larger composable applications serverless components components serverless
  8. 17.

    component architecture configuration serverless.yml input types & inputs output

    types & outputs variables system implementation index.js commands context & state dependency graph components serverless
  9. 20.

    declarative approach programmatic access nest to create higher-order components &

    apps cli to deploy/remove building serverless applications with components components serverless
  10. 21. components serverless configuration serverless.yml app type nested faker data

    application lambda component rest api component declarative approach
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    resources Serverless Components & Examples repo: Retail Store

    app: How to write your first Serverless component: How to create a Serverless dynamic site: How to create a static blog site: How to create a REST API with components: