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Mastering Mental Health in Marketing's "Always-On" World

Mastering Mental Health in Marketing's "Always-On" World

A look into the "always-on" world of digital marketing and how it impacts the mental health of employees within the industry.

This talk deck, presented at BrightonSEO in September of 2023, goes deep on the mental health and burnout issues seen by employees and employers within digital marketing and offers some practical tips on managing your mental health.

Ryan Jones

August 30, 2023

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  1. Mastering Mental Health in Digital Marketing’s Always On World Ryan

    Jones SEOTesting Speakerdeck.com/ryanatseotesting @RyanJonesSEO
  2. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Hi, my name’s Ryan! 󰗝 -

    Marketing Lead @ SEOTesting - 9th Year Working in Digital Marketing Roles - Spent Time Agency, In-House & Freelance
  3. What We’ll Cover ✏ 01 Causes 02 Employees 03 Employers

    04 Thoughts @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO
  4. Why on Earth was my phone battery allowed to get

    down to 9%? 😱 @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO
  5. Why the f**k was I awake at 2:34 in the

    morning? 🤔 @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO
  6. How many people are going through the same thing as

    us right now? 🤔 @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO
  7. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *Headspace 80% of all professionals say

    they experience the “Sunday scaries” on some occasion.
  8. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *Headspace Over 90% of Millennials and

    Gen Z reporting they experience the Sunday scaries on a regular basis.
  9. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *Spill 61% of employees said they

    left a job or planned to leave a job in the next 12 months due to poor mental health.
  10. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *Spill 17% of employees will struggle

    with a diagnosed mental health condition this year.
  11. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *Spill Poor workplace mental health costs

    UK employers around £56 billion every year, with a 25% increase since 2019.
  12. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *Spill 28% of all sick days

    taken in the UK are due to poor employee mental health.
  13. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *Spill The cost of staff turnover

    due to poor mental health has increased over 150% in the last three years.
  14. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Burnout is a form of exhaustion

    caused by constantly feeling swamped. It's a result of excessive and prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress. *WebMD
  15. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Burnout happens when you're overwhelmed, emotionally

    drained, and unable to keep up with life's incessant demands. *WebMD
  16. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Burnout in the course of employment

    can make one feel emotionally drained and unable to function in the context of work and other aspects of life. *Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  17. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Career burnout can reduce productivity and

    can lower your motivation and cause you to feel helpless, hopeless and resentful. *Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  18. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Career-Burnout Causes: - Lack of Control

    - Schedule, Assignments, Work - Unclear Job Expectations - Dysfunctional Workplace Dynamics - Work / Life Imbalance
  19. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO 54% of UK tech employees now

    work more on weekends and in the evenings than before Covid, and struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  20. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Remote Work Benefits - Less time

    spent commuting. - Greater flexibility in working hours. - Reduced turnover in staff. - Reduced need for office space.
  21. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Drawbacks to Remote Work: - Partial

    or complete loss, of work/life balance. - Less human interaction. - Delayed response times. - Frequent meetings.
  22. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *NHS Wales (299 People Study) 1

    in 2 people reported increased feelings of loneliness when working from home.
  23. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *NHS Wales (299 People Study) 1

    in 2 people stated that working from home had worsened their mental wellbeing.
  24. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO *NHS Wales (299 People Study) 1

    in 4 people reported that working from home had increased their alcohol consumption.
  25. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Marketers are Judged on KPIs -

    Organic Clicks & Impressions - On-Page Metrics - Conversion Rates - Revenue & Profit
  26. What can we, as employees, do to improve our mental

    health? @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO
  27. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO We can’t help our managers, teams

    and other colleagues to the best of our abilities if we’re not 100% ourselves.
  28. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Humans are great at picking up

    the stress of others. If we’re burned out, it will spread to the wider team.
  29. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Sometimes, pulling back and focussing on

    ourselves can help us become better employees and managers.
  30. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Implement a “Shut Down” ritual, at

    the end of the day to tell your brain that you have finished work.
  31. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO For crying out loud… Take your

    lunch break. You’re entitled to it, use it! The same goes for your holidays, too.
  32. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Find something outside of work to

    engage in. Having something to look forward to makes disconnecting easier.
  33. What about employers? Can they help support our mental health,

    too? @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO
  34. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Remember what I said about staff

    using their holidays? Yes, this applies to you, too!
  35. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Provide appropriate training, on the job

    support and mentoring schemes for your staff (and you, too).
  36. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO If you don’t already have one,

    create a mental health policy for yourself and your staff to adhere to.
  37. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO Create a culture of support and

    understanding around mental health issues. Don’t shy away from tough talks.
  38. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO - Mental Health Policy from Barnsley

    Borough Council: https://t.ly/e5hPJ - Mental Health Training from Mind: https://t.ly/9Vlob (eLearning Courses, Virtual Training & More) - Headspace: https://t.ly/dmiGC Meditation App - Starting at £4.17 per Month
  39. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO - Mental health at work is

    in focus more than it ever has been, which is an incredibly good thing! - Now that remote work is the norm for a lot of people, we need to start taking mental health at work more seriously. - If left to fester, burnout can spread from one team member through to the rest of your team.
  40. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO - Taking your lunch break, taking

    holidays and not working after 5pm should be the bare minimum, not just the norm. - There are plenty of resources out there for employers who want to help staff better manage their mental health. - If you’re a manager, set the example by doing these things yourself. Don’t set a bad example for staff to follow.
  41. @RyanJonesSEO // @seo_testing #BrightonSEO You can still be a great

    SEO / Digital Marketer / Business Owner, without spending all of your time at work and burning yourself out.
  42. Connect With Me! 󰛈 Twitter (X) - @RyanJonesSEO LinkedIn -

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