Let's get selfish; UX Lausanne 2014

Let's get selfish; UX Lausanne 2014

Assessment as a means to drive your design career.

To delight users, the role of a designer or design manager is not only to understand user needs, but also to understand individual or team goals. Where do you want to be at the end of a project? Where does your team want to be? How will you know if you got there? These questions are at the heart of self-assessment.

If you’ve ever designed for clients, led user research, assigned design tasks to you team, etc. – and used what you discovered about your methods to refine future methods – you’ve engaged in assessment. Assessment is simply the process of collecting information about design tasks and performance to improve future design capabilities. As a model of performance, self-assessment is effective in that it can articulate the links between leading inputs (human and physical), processes, and outcomes, then provide focus on the importance of managing these components to achieve an individual or teams strategic priorities.

In this new workshop, we'll focus on practical strategies for utilizing existing design efforts to better inform your goals as a designer or design manager. Using the concept of self and team evaluation, you can leverage client work to improve your ability to drive your UX career. Feedback from this assessment can be used to help determine how much you’re improving (great for case studies and acquiring new clients!) as well as better understanding what you might want to improve as a designer or design manager.


Ryan Rumsey

May 22, 2014