EngageRocket Review

EngageRocket Review

The First Wordpress Plugin that is PRE-CONFIGURED+APPROVED to Allow Marketers to Leverage the NEW Facebook Open Graph.
Increase traffic and grow your email list Discover a 100% free SECRET Social Traffic Loophole…That Facebooks is Begging You to Use !



July 11, 2013


  1. The Honest EngageRocket Review Posted on JUNE 25, 2013 Written

    by ADMINI EngageRocket Review – Allow Marketers to Leverage the NEW Facebook Open Graph! If you are looking for the official website of EngageRocket, you should visit this site below: >>>Click here to visit the official website of EngageRocket<<< If you are the rest, who are interested in EngageRocket and want to know more about this product, keep on reading because you found to the right place. I’d be only too please to help you know many information about this product, launch date, price, what is included and others…before have decision to buy it. I hope you liked our reviews. About The Product Product Creators: Mark Thompson and his partner Phil Benham Sales Page: EngageRocket.com Launch Date: July 16th, 2013 engagerocket review The Honest EngageRocket Review Home EngageRocket Review The Facebook open Graph EngageRocket Bonus Terms of Service / Privacy Policy Contact Us Home Home EngageRocket Review EngageRocket Review The Facebook open Graph The Facebook open Graph EngageRocket Bonus EngageRocket Bonus Contact Us Contact Us
  2. Launch Time: at 11am EDT Product Niche: Facebook, WordPress Plugin

    Product Price: $27 Unlimited Site License (Install on Unlimited Personal Sites) Bonus Package: YES – Click here to receive Bonus Packages worth over $1300 Who produced EngageRocket ? Product Creators is Mark Thompson and his partner Phil Benham. Mark Thompson is really a full time Internet Marketer with over five years experience and the creator of StayOnSearch. He’s launched many great products to meet the market demand that range from, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing. He get thousands sale with that. Most of his products were sold very crazy, for example : Long Tail Pro WPSignalTracker List Eruption 2 WebinarExpress AuthorityPro 3.0 What is EngageRocket ? The First WordPress Plugin that is PRE-CONFIGURED+ APPROVED to Allow Marketers to Leverage the NEW Facebook Open Graph. So what is the Open Graph ? Increase traffic and grow your email list Discover a 100% free SECRET Social Traffic Loophole…That Facebooks is Begging You to Use ! It is true! Don’t get it mixed up, though. Facebook wants your money, for sure…But they also want you to use their most powerful feature to date…that NOBODY is utilizing! It is called…The Facebook open Graph >>>Click here to find out more about the Facebook Open Graph<<< What the EngageRocket can do ?
  3. Used EngageRocket and pick from our pre-approved OBJECTS and ACTIONS

    to get started whithout knowing a thing about how to make it work yourself ! EngageRocket have made everything as easy as pie, choose which type of OBJECT you have and which ACTION you want your visitors to take, modify a few design settings… and off you go! Your visitors will be creating stories on Facebook for their friends to see in no time ! Available OBJECT and ACTION Pairs:
  4. Plus many more to come…And that is not all !

    At the same time people are engaging with your content…YOU CAN BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST ! EngageRocket have included connecting ANY email services auto-responder to your
  5. popovers, too ! Just include your form embed code in

    the popover settings and you are all set. Here are some of the popover settings: Customized Opt-In Background Image/ Color Options EngageRocket can Light and Dark Theme Options Lock Your Content Until they Share/Like (optional) Create Unique Viral Titles, Descriptions, Images for the Facebook Newsfeed You can watch EngageRocket Demo through HERE to see how it work really. >>> GET EngageRocket NOW <<< Who should buy this plugin? EngageRocket would be a MUST-HAVE tool for you. If you are an online marketer, you most likely use one of these marketing methods on your website! Do you have free content you give away to subscribers? Do you participate in product launches for your own products or others’ products? Do you promote or organize webinars or Google+ Hangouts? We bet you do! You owe it to yourself to use the power of the Facebook Open Graph and Word-Of-Mouth marketing to INCREASE ENGAGEMENT, DISTRIBUTION, AND GROWTH of your content! >>>Click here to download EngageRocket<<<
  6. Thank you for your visit to our website about EngageRocket

    Review. Hope you would find useful information here ! EngageRocket Discount Posted on JULY 11, 2013 Written by ADMINI EngageRocket Discount When should you buy EngageRocket ? I am pleased to report that EngageRocket is now available at a special discounted price and for a very limited time. You can buy EngageRocket anytime you want, but I would suggest that you should buy this during its re-launch period. Just because you will get 70% off its original price. This discounted offer will only be $27 for Unlimited Site License (Install on Unlimited Personal Sites) and $17 Single Site License (Install on One Site). Don’t miss this unique opportunity, you will likely to pay 5+ times higher than its re launch offer. In this review, I is not only to provide you what EngageRocket can do for you but also to help you save a lot of money for what you would definitely buy now or then.
  7. >>>Get EngageRocket Discount NOW<<< EngageRocket is a brand-new WordPress plugin

    that utilizing a NEW and UNTAPPED strategy for building an email list and viral traffic. The Secret = FACEBOOK OPEN GRAPH You have probably seen FB friends/connections posting on their News Feed and Wall… “Ryker is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify” or “Karen Peters Liked a photo on Instagram”. Well now, local businesses can utilize EngageRocket and the Facebook Open-Graph to encourage site visitors to share and tell their connections exactly what they are doing on your site! How Local Business Can Use EngageRocket: - Offering Coupons (i.e.: Larry just unlocked a Free Gift) - Join a Contest (i.e.: Jason signed up for a Contest) - Attending Events (i.e.: Sarah just signed up for a Webinar) There are literally ENDLESS ways you can use EngageRocket. >>>Watch EngageRocket in Action<<< This type of word-of-mouth marketing can increase engagement and viral growth 50- 100% because its coming from FACEBOOK CONNECTION! This will change that way that people market on Facebook forever ! EngageRocket Discount
  8. EngageRocket Demo Posted on JULY 6, 2013 Written by ADMINI

    How does it work? I myself really like some unique features that EngageRocket has, you can watch its demo below to see how it work really: >>>CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS<<< Leveraging the Facebook open graph involves a lot of programming and technical skills. Which is why EngageRocket had pre-configured + pre-approved actions already created that are approved by Facebook: Join a Product Launch Claim a Giveaway Claim a Free Gift Attend a Webinar Attend a Hangout Adding More Soon… Lock any page on your site and require the user to “Connect” to their Facebook account to unlock any content you want to provide them. This does two advantages : Adds them to your Email List / Auto-Responder
  9. EngageRocket and The Facebook open Graph Posted on JUNE 24,

    2013 Written by ADMINI I would like to tell you more about The Facebook open Graph. EngageRocket and The Facebook open Graph This is an UNPRECEDENTED concept for the typical Internet Marketing industry, but if you really want in on the ground floor of an … [Continue reading] EngageRocket Bonus Package Posted on JUNE 5, 2013 Written by ADMINI EngageRocket Bonus Packages worth over $1300 Hi guys , Thanks for visiting my blog. If you do decide to buy EngageRocket here after reading the reviews. The bonus packages is for you to increase more value when you get them through my link. You … [Continue reading] Posts that Action on their Timeline, Wall, Newsfeed Come Join Us! EngageRocket will be down the line next time. days 02 hours 04 minutes 23 seconds 43
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  11. About Me My name is Ryker Nguyen – a Vietnamese

    internet marketer with more than 2 years working with affiliate, internet marketing industry and Social Media Marketing. This is my blog reviews about the The First Wordpress Plugin that is PRE-CONFIGURED+ APPROVED to Allow Marketers to Leverage the NEW Facebook Open Graph - EngageRocket. Recent Pots EngageRocket Discount EngageRocket Demo The Honest EngageRocket Review EngageRocket and The Facebook open Graph EngageRocket Bonus Package List Eruption 2.0 Review AuthorityPro 3.0 Review TOP OF PAGE COPYRIGHT © 2013 ENGAGEROCKET REVIEW | TERM OF SERVICE DOWNLOAD NOW Email Address *