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Shifting the nature of learning

Shifting the nature of learning

Sales Enablement Collective

September 07, 2020


  1. What Does Sales Enablement Mean to Your Company? “All About

    Content Management” “Only Sales Onboarding” “Doesn’t Produce Results” “CMS = Sales Enablement Platform” “Solely Sales Initiative” “Sales Training” “New” “Sales Coaching” “Nice to Have”
  2. But, What Can Sales Enablement Be? Visibility Ongoing Education &

    Training Efficient & Effective Material Accessibility Team and Company Knowledge & Alignment Innovate Sales Process Enhanced Productivity Impactful Game Charger
  3. What We’re Doing At EasyPost 1. Designing Sales Enablement to

    help the entire business succeed 2. Fully aligned with Marketing, Sales and Sales Operations 3. Going far beyond a centralized library source 4. Debunking “one and done” mentality - shaping capabilities, developing mindset, transforming organization 5. Drive better conversations
  4. Three Principal Types of Change Adapting Learning Goals to position

    not only Sales but the company as a whole for success • Reshape development - LMS • Concentrate on capabilities not just competence • Cultivate growth mindset Transforming Learning Methods moving away from single skill set improvement • Different learning initiatives in place - CX, tools, products, and more • Balance digital and face-to-face • Move from instruction, to immersion, to introspection* Building Learning Departments to to help employees become peer teachers, guides and coaches. • Foster learning • Measure impact • Tailored learning plans to individuals and business units Source: Rhaul Varma, Sr. Managing Director, Accenture
  5. The Big Picture: Delivery, Content and Accountability Digital Formats Face-to-Face

    or Blended Formats • Hard Skills • Mandatory Training • Simple Topics • Durable, Reusable Material • Soft Skills • Ad-hoc Training • Complex Topics • Frequently Changing Material • Time to Revenue • Sales Cycle • Sales Funnel Transition Rates • Content • Average Win Rate • Content Product Mix Metrics Shift the mindset away from training and onboarding, etc., and begin working closely with first-line managers, internal lines of business, and executive sales leaders to associate sales enablement metrics with sales success. Revenue Generator
  6. Sales Enablement: Evolving from Order-taker to Sales Performance Consultant Level

    1 • Concentration on Sales Training & Execution • Development of Training Materials • Cross Team Collaboration • Strategic & Team Alignment Level 4 • Measuring Success • Audit Information & Update • Lead Conversations - Strategic Involvement vs. Service Function Level 2 • Design and Architect Training Pathways (LMS) • Engaging with Customer Facing Roles & Responsibilities • Execution of Core Programs • Face-to-Face Events Level 3 • View into Account Data (ABM) • Continued Education on Customers, Sales Tech Stack Tools • Learning Metrics - Benchmark & Grows • Multidisciplinary to Product, Marketing & Sales Ops
  7. Changing Nice-to-Have to Need-To-Have • Sales enablement creates sales and

    marketing alignment and knowledge transfer, essentially leading to alignment within a company, allowing for everyone to better do their jobs. • Ultimately looking for ways to break the traditional sales mold and innovate the sales process to be more efficient & effective.
  8. “Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99

    percent alignment.” Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, Built to Last