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Building for fast growth in a global team

Building for fast growth in a global team

Daniella Bellaire, Head of Global Revenue Enablement at Shopify, gave this talk at the Revenue Acceleration Festival in March 2021.

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  1. Shopify is a leading multi-channel commerce platform. 2006 Platform Released

    $2.9B Revenue (Last 12 months) 6,000 Apps in our App Store ~$277B Total Sales on Shopify by Merchants (Cumulative as of 4.9 million Merchant Staff Accounts (December 31, 2019) +1.7M Merchants — in — ~175 Countries 7,000+ Employees At a Glance 42,200 Partners who have referred at least one merchant to Shopify in the last 12 months $230M Paid out in 2020 to partners by Shopify for apps benefiting our merchants December 31, 2020) (December 31, 2020) (December 31, 2020)
  2. Rest of the World 16% Revenue (vs. 15% in 2019)

    30% Merchants (vs. 29% in 2019) * Revenue and merchants as at December 31, 2020 Canada 6% Revenue (vs. 6% in 2019) 6% Merchants (vs. 6% in 2019) USA 67% Revenue (vs. 68% in 2019) 50% Merchants (vs. 52% in 2019) Australia 4% Revenue (vs. 4% in 2019) 6% Merchants (vs. 6% in 2019) UK 7% Revenue (vs. 7% in 2019) 8% Merchants (vs. 7% in 2019) We are growing globally
  3. Make some bets, take chances 02 Contents 4 Operational Excellence

    01 03 Culture and Career 04 05 Building a Global team 06 Q&A Tech and tooling
  4. 6 Building the team - When building revenue teams globally,

    re-think your hiring profile by Region and the skills you want to add to your teams. - Hiring for experience vs potential or acquiring new skills - Diversity in hiring - Investing in junior talent - Distributed Global team - Great “first impression” - Onboarding and ramp
  5. 7 Onboarding the team • Foundational 2-week Global onboarding ◦

    Culture ◦ The business ◦ Market ◦ Merchants ◦ Tooling ◦ Building a store • Craft 2-week program ◦ How to do the job skills ◦ Tactical job specific training ◦ Job shadowing/ practice ◦ Mentorship ◦ Understand the Regional/ Market nuances • Ramp up to impact 90-days ◦ Tied to business metrics and outcomes that vary by role
  6. 8 Operational Excellence - Global standards with Regional agility -

    Global teams can play a massive role in setting the tone for the company and their craft or discipline. In order to scale fast the growth needs to be rooted in foundations and enablement plays a big role in this. - Tech infrastructure - Tooling - Training on core skills - Data and reporting structure to measure like for like - Content library for consistent messaging - cross -functional collaboration best practices Tooling to do some of this at scale….
  7. 10 Make some bets, take chances - Fail fast, fail

    often - In order to grow fast, you need to run experiments - New verticals, messaging, positioning etc. - Make some bets and see what can scale.
  8. 11 Culture and Career - Build a culture where people

    feel invested in the greater mission and vision - Give autonomy to make decisions and encourage learning - Failure in a high growth environment should be encouraged as it’s an opportunity to learn - Have career conversations and getting 40% better conversations rooted in your culture- the concept of re-qualifying for your role each year. - We talk about career as a jungle gym- allow for Global movement and encourage/ foster talent development - We encourage moving across teams, product lines, disciplines, roles.
  9. Q&A