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A human approach to AI and automation

A human approach to AI and automation

Lish Gates, Director of Global Revenue Enablement at Algolia, gave this talk at the Sales Enablement Festival in October 2020.

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  1. The World Has Changed 74% of companies are shifting to

    remote first 46% expected growth of enablement teams in the next 12 months Source: Review42.com, TOPO.com
  2. Artificial Intelligence What my parents think it means Anyone watching

    “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix thinks it means What Reps think it means But What Does It Really Mean? What Ops & Enablement think it means
  3. AI is a broad field of study with dozens of

    subsections, ultimately working to make computers perform human tasks.
  4. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning • Deep Learning • Predictive

    Analytics Speech & Text • NLU • NLP Vision • Computer Vision • Image Recognition
  5. What do I Mean by Context? • AI doesn’t know

    our competitors (yet) • AI doesn’t know what deals are winning & why (yet) • AI doesn’t know executive mandates & company priorities
  6. • Conversational Intelligence Software Case Study 1 • Siloed knowledge

    on Frontline best practices • Need to foster a environment of coaching & upskilling Reps • Needed a way to ensure training was impacting customer/ prospect interactions
  7. Team Meetings • Objection Handling Scenarios ◦ Prospect Question ◦

    Pause ◦ Round Table Answers From Reps • Wow Moments ◦ Play the moment ◦ What did you like? ◦ What would you do differently?
  8. Training Sessions • Is this a Champion? ◦ Play clip

    of prospect/customer ◦ Poll the team ◦ Question their reasoning • What’s the Solution? ◦ Play clip of prospects pains ◦ Break reps into small groups ◦ Have them demo & pitch the solution
  9. Coaching Programs • Scorecards & 1:1 Coaching ◦ Gain insights

    from sales metrics ◦ Gain insight from CI ◦ Co-build score rubric ◦ Agree on scoring targets ◦ Track metrics for improvements
  10. Onboarding Playlists • Shadowing On Demand ◦ Build playlists aligned

    to deal stages and onboarding program ◦ Build playlists of best practices by revenue roles embed into onboarding programs
  11. • BE HUMAN! • Empathy training, Curiosity and consistent frameworks

    can help… if content is King, CONTEXT is God.. • Spray and Pray sadly exists more than we’d like to admit… Case Study 2:
  12. 5x5x5 Framework 5 mins. of Research 5 Key Insights 5

    mins. for Email Each Email in the Cadence should only be focused on one of the insights
  13. 10-80-10 Rule • When actually writing an email, try to

    use the 10-80-10 Rule 80% Email Template 10% Personalization 10% Personalization