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Conquering your operating cadence

Conquering your operating cadence

Maggie Callahan, Sr. Director of Revenue Enablement at Convercent, gave this talk at the Sales Enablement Festival in October 2020.

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  1. Convercent © 2020. All Rights Reserved. Conquering Your Operating Cadence

    Maggie Callahan Director, Revenue Enablement - Convercent
  2. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2020 Convercent,

    Inc. All rights reserved. 3 Our Timeline for Today… The Operating Cadence Prioritization & Intention Setting Where to find More! Common Meetings Sales Coaching
  3. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2020 Convercent,

    Inc. All rights reserved. 5 Defining Operating Cadence The Operating Cadence is the rhythm and pace at which work is done and organized. It is a big part of company culture but isn’t usually an explicit focus unless it’s broken. This might include poorly run meetings, too many redundant processes, etc.” - Dave Williams; The Chameleon Collective
  4. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. Common Sales Cadence

    Forecasting 1:1’s Pipeline/Leads Team Meetings Opportunity Reviews
  5. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2020 Convercent,

    Inc. All rights reserved. The 4 Keys to Effective Operating/Leadership Cadence Opportunities – The Lifeblood of a Sales Organization What is in the pipeline - how much or how little? What is the composition of the opportunities? how are we continuing to create pipeline to hit our targets? Pace – Understanding Time Management What does stage advancement criteria look like? How are Reps and Leaders spending extra time during the week? What are we doing to enable the opportunities we have in pipeline? Deal Strategy – Leveraging our Methodology How do our MEDPPICC/BANT/Deal Review meetings go? Are we effectively sending the right message? Are we focused on strategy rather than feature and functionality? Are we differentiating clearly? Are the right people involved? Are we all speaking the same language? At Scale – Celebrating and Encouraging Team Success Are we learning from one another? Are we sharing our successes and failures? Are we continuing to coach and develop new skills? Are we iterating on existing best practices?
  6. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2020 Convercent,

    Inc. All rights reserved. Operating Cadence 101 Enough Opportunities Closing at the Right Pace With a Winning Deal Strategy At Scale Pipeline Health • # of deals in play • Composition of deals Forecast Health • Accuracy of stage & expected close date • Trends & road bumps Deal Health • Right message • Right buyer landscape • Right strategy & differentiation Team Health • Sharing best practices • Developing new skills Pipeline :30 Week 1&3 Territory Plan 1 hour Monthly Forecast 1 hour Week 2&4 1:1 MEDPPICC 1 hour Monthly (more as needed) Development 1 hour Quarterly (more as needed) Team MEDPPICC 90 minutes Monthly (more as needed) Team Meeting 1 hour Week 1&3 (more as needed) Can be interchangeable Individual Team
  7. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. Coaching 101 9

    Coaching Not Coaching Observing your seller in action Taking over the sale Asking discovery questions about deals, preparation or skills Telling sellers what to do Mutually agreeing to expectations for behavior improvement Setting sales targets Focused on the future Focused on the past A mix of in-person, on phone or video conferencing Testing or short emails
  8. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. Pipeline 101 Enough

    Opportunities Pipeline Health • # of deals in play • Composition of deals Pipeline :30 Week 1&3 Purpose: Understand current pipeline and timeframes, discuss lead strategy, decrease opportunity cycle between stage 1!2. Primary Focus: Seller leads the conversation and discusses the status of leads and opportunities outside of the current quarter. The goal is to begin looking quarters OUT to effectively nurture and progress leads and opportunities. • Seller reviews all outstanding leads and strategy to move into pipeline • Seller reviews strategy for increasing pipeline to quote ratio • Seller reviews early sales cycle opportunities to increase progression through funnel Outcomes: • Seller uses CRM as single source of truth • Seller understands and can evaluate the composition of their pipeline • Seller has a nurture strategy for out of quarter leads and opportunities • Seller can execute upon a plan of action leaving the session You may decide to merge the pipeline and territory plan sessions together*
  9. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. Setting Expectations –

    The Sales Rep *The Sales Rep runs this meeting. The Leader is the customer that the Rep is presenting to. Sales Rep Must: • Ensure CRM records are clean and up to date • Understand open lead count and composition • Knows their pipeline multiple needed for quota as it changes with their territory plan • Has at least two early stage opportunities to move through the funnel
  10. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. Setting Expectations –

    The Sales Leader *The Sales Leader is the customer in this meeting. Sales Leader Must: • Allow the Rep to take kick off and control the meeting • Be patient and actively listen as they review their numbers • Ask insightful questions that encourage the Rep to think rather than answer the questions for them • Give the Rep actionable next steps to come prepared with in subsequent sessions • Take notes of areas of opportunity and next steps • Begin each meeting recapping the areas of opportunity from previous sessions
  11. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. Getting Seller Buy-In

    Set up Set up an action plan Involve Involve others Agree Agree upon advancement criteria Ask Ask for gaps or areas of opportunity Acknowledge Acknowledge their current process
  12. © 2020 Convercent, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2020 Convercent,

    Inc. All rights reserved. 1. Talk to me about your current necessary pipeline multiple. What do you need to close your quota for the month/quarter/ year? 2. Where is most of your pipeline currently coming from? 3. What stage is your pipeline currently sitting in? 4. Walk me through any open leads you have. 5. Talk to me about your nurture strategy for opportunities next quarter. What are you actively executing upon to ensure they’re still engaged? 6. How are you continuing to engage your pipeline in future quarters? 7. Talk to me about the composition of your pipeline – what type of opportunities tend to fill your pipeline (ARR threshold)? 8. Where should you focus your time with pipeline growth based on what you’ve laid out today? 9. Where do you see most of your time with pipeline growth going today? Common Questions