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Designing an enablement brand identity

Designing an enablement brand identity

Bryan Grobstein gave this presentation at the Sales Enablement Festival in October 2020, when he was Director of Revenue Operations and Enablement at Garten.

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  1. Designing an Enablement Brand Identity A memorable, impactful learning culture

  2. Enablement Charter • Organizational, cross functional contributions • Peer –

    to – Peer content development and delivery • Inspect what you expect (knowledge checks, role plays, and KPI measurements) • Continuously evolve
  3. Ground Rules for Learning •Include learning objectives early and often

    •Growth Mindset means “One Big Takeaway” •Adopt:Adapt •Encourage dialogue •Have fun!
  4. Rinse & Repeat Prework Teamwork Best Practice Certification

  5. Buddy Program

  6. Create a culture of learning for sales professionals focused on

    core competencies and core values; all while providing scalable best practices that team members can “adopt and adapt” to their own style. Sales Acumen Product Mastery Institutional Knowledge Industry Education Mission Statement
  7. Designing an Enablement Brand Identity Bryan Grobstein