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How does compliance drive success in SaaS sales?

How does compliance drive success in SaaS sales?

Enterprise SaaS buyers spend more, and churn less, but their procurement teams have a high quality bar. In this webinar we discuss how focusing on your compliance position (e.g. for ISO 27001, and SOC 2) can pay off in the sales cycle.

The Scale Factory

December 15, 2022

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  1. ENTERPRISES DON’T FAIL_ 20% of businesses fail within a year.

    60% fail within five years. 6-10% annual churn for enterprise buyers. 31-58% annual churn for SMBs. (AS OFTEN)
  2. ENTERPRISES ARE SLOW_ Implementing new tools is slow Initiatives take

    place across departments Switching to new tools is expensive
  3. TOO MANY COOKS_ Procurement teams are multi-faceted They may not

    know the business context They may not care to know the business context
  4. ISO 27001 & SOC2_ Complementing standards for information security ISO

    27001 lays out requirements for an ISMS SOC 2 is a standard for audit reports
  5. BUT HOW DO THEY HELP SALES?_ Shorten or eliminate questionnaires

    Canned responses for questions that remain Open new doors

    access to customer data? 
 Yes, please refer to our SOC2 report for proof. Do you backup your database? Yes, please refer to our SOC2 report for proof. Do you pick up strange USB sticks from car parks? No! please refer to our SOC2 report for proof.
  7. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT SALES_ Standards are standards for a

    reason Unearth problems earlier Adopt a common language
  8. Compliance as code Canned compliance packs AWS CONFIG Automate OS

    patch baselines SYSTEMS MANAGER PATCH MANAGER Check for public resources Validate compliance IAM ACCESS ANALYZER
  9. HOW WE CAN HELP_ Book in a free surgery to

    discuss your problems. Ask us about SaaS Foundations! We can help unlock funding from AWS.
  10. KEY TAKEAWAYS_ Selling to enterprise can be a painfully long

    process Procurement questionnaires are going to slow down the sale We can reduce cycle times by complying with industry standards The cloud offers unique characteristics to make the whole process easier