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The AWS Foundational Technical Review for UK Police Tech

The AWS Foundational Technical Review for UK Police Tech

Learn about the benefits of becoming an AWS partner, what's involved in passing an FTR, and the benefits that unlocks for your business.

The Scale Factory

May 09, 2024

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  1. © 2024, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. Grace

    Blake-Turner (she/her) Head of Public Safety, UK [email protected] Public Safety at Amazon Web Services 2024
  2. UK Public Safety Strategic Pillars 3 © 2023, Amazon Web

    Services, Inc. or its affiliates AWS for Data: How to Customers get the right insight from their data for the insights they need? Contact Management: how do we support the demand in the UK where 42/43 forces experience higher non-emergency contact demand over emergency demand? Sustainability: Public Sector organisations will also be focused on wider tactical sustainability plans aligned to the Government strategic target to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Supported by Amazon’s own pledges in this area we can look to support forces in a number of areas including reducing on-prem data centre consumption, fleet logistics and building management People Management Systems: For example with wellbeing - how can we help public safety customers detect their staff need extra support, before they are broken. Digital Forensics: a key pain point for customers, we are working with partners in this space to automate and remove the pain points of the evidential chain.
  3. So what for our partners? 4 © 2023, Amazon Web

    Services, Inc. or its affiliates With 87% of our regional police forces considered greenfield in their cloud journey – we know they prefer to buy rather than build. We cannot support their missions without our partners! 20% Shorter Deal Closing Times 10% Higher Win Rate 20% Higher ARR Growth 27% More Likely To Succeed With Customer Engagements
  4. © 2021, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All

    rights reserved. Amazon Confidential May 2024 Benefits of AWS Partnership and key programs Andy Curry Senior Partner Manager – Public Safety Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector
  5. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. +$

    -$ SELL MORE SPEND LESS How ISV Partners Make Money
  6. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. Helping

    ISV Partners Spend Less COMMERCIAL OPTIMISATION SHIFT e.g. -30% TCO DESIGN e.g. -75% TCO OPTIMISED e.g. -58% TCO -$ Savings Plans and Reserved Instances On Demand Spot Instances TECHNICAL OPTIMISATION CULTURAL OPTIMISATION Cost saving tools and resources Longer-term view on growth Proactive price reductions
  7. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. FUNCTION-

  8. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. Examples

    of Additional Functionality IoT AI/ ML Front End Web & Mobile Analytics Compute Storage Serverless Business Applications Database
  9. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. FUNCTION-

  10. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. Gaining

    New Customers AWS Sales Team AWS Marketplace Partner Funding Part of committed Govt spend AWS Marketing Go Global
  11. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. Winning

    New Contracts AWS Capture & Proposals team Resources: • APN partner portal • AWS partner packs • RfX aids via the partner portal • Letters of support Capture Manager helps identify opportunities, review pipeline, and introduce other partners to team up on bid opportunities Proposal Manager coordinates input for RfXs including on solution, pricing, technical and non-technical areas e.g. sustainability CPT teams in different Geos
  12. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. FUNCTION-

  13. Raffaele Loseto Head of Engineering @ Trilateral Research [email protected] Organizational

    Coach for passion A maker, for fun! Head of Engineering when serious
  14. Services Data protection Responsible AI Cybersecurity Innovation & Research Who

    we are Award-winning Ethical AI company based in UK/IE, est. 2004, 140+ personnel Pioneering AI Solutions for Law Enforcement Public & third sector Pharma & Healthcare Finance & Insurance Manufacturing & Industry
  15. FTR and Trilateral’s development cycle Workflow Analysis Sociotechnical Implementation Explainable

    AI & Assurance Ethics Impact Assessment AI Bias mitigation Sensitive data Regulatory compliance ML Governance & Validation AI model validation Data Security controls Data Protection Acceptance criteria Definition of Done Quality control checks Performance testing User needs analysis Context of operations Domain theory and methods AWS root account AWS CloudTrail Network Security Amazon S3 buckets access Operational security Backups and recovery Resiliency Cross-account access Impact on system workloads Early risk identification
  16. Increased our technical robustness Enriched our operational and validation processes

    Inspired confidence and trust to our clients Today Opportunities for collaboration within the AWS network Faster customer technical onboarding Access to PoC & Market Development funds Tomorrow What we have experienced as an AWS partner
  17. WHAT IS SAAS_ Software (usually web or app based) Hosted

    in the cloud For multiple tenants Provided over the internet Billed on a subscription basis

    WORKLOADS TO THE CLOUD THIS YEAR. Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud Report Photo: engin akyurt, unspash
  19. Move what you have into the cloud Buy SaaS to

    provide the same functionality CLOUD MIGRATION: TWO CHOICES_ or
  20. STAND OUT_ Partnering with AWS is an advantage. AWS Marketplace

    provides buying options. Passing FTR builds confidence in fitness for purpose. FTR also gives confidence to AWS to engage in co-sell
  21. THE CO-SELL JOURNEY_ 1. Create an offering in APN 4.

    Link to the offering from Marketplace 2. Run an FTR on that offering 3. Create a Marketplace listing
  22. FOUNDATIONAL TECHNICAL REVIEW_ A review of your solution Considering best

    practices Based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework Self-service spreadsheet
  23. A FOUNDATIONAL TECHNICAL REVIEW ASKS:_ Is your platform secure? Is

    the solution resilient? Is data backed up adequately?
  24. Photo: ahmad gunnaivi on Unsplash FTR RECOMMENDATIONS_ Clearly define the

    scope of what’s under review. Determine priority of review activities vs engineering team priorities. Start with a Well-Architected review. Identify strategy for managing and resolving high risk findings.
  25. WORK WITH A PARTNER_ Expert guidance through the process Faster

    completion Reduced burden on your dev team Access to funding to remediate risks
  26. CASE STUDY FTR pass on first attempt (100% pass rate)

    Less time spent going back and forth with AWS Used Well-Architected funding to cover costs “The Scale Factory team were knowledgeable, and helped us make informed decisions. They weren’t only concerned about technical details, they also asked how we preferred to work together. The team were easy to work with, and responsive to queries”. Zac Stevens Co-Founder and Chief Architect
  27. NEXT STEPS_ Book your FTR readiness assessment: https:/ /scalefactory.com/landing/aws-ftr-readiness/ Speak

    with one of our experts: https:/ /calendly.com/scalefactory/30-minute-intro Or speak with your PDM/PSA
  28. Q&A