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Teaching Programmers Through Empathy

Teaching Programmers Through Empathy

There is a saying that those that can’t do, teach. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, teaching may be one of the more difficult things you can do as a programmer. Once you start to think about how to explain complex topics to a beginner, you start to realize how far you’ve come and how difficult it is to explain what you know.



May 30, 2014


  1. Teaching
 Programmers Through Empathy Scott Radcliff @scottradcliff

  2. Teaching
 Programmers Through Empathy Scott Radcliff @scottradcliff

  3. Teaching
 Programmers Through Experience Scott Radcliff @scottradcliff

  4. Safety Authority Collaborative Learning Mentorship

  5. We Are All Educators

  6. Remember?

  7. What are you learning now?

  8. Safety

  9. Ability to Ask Questions

  10. Permission to Break Things

  11. You Don’t Know Everything

  12. Authority

  13. Knowledgeable (Can You Answer Questions)

  14. Explain in Their Language

  15. Trust

  16. Be a Resource

  17. Collaborative Learning

  18. Don’t Give Answers

  19. Still Breaking Stuff…

  20. Teach Problem Solving

  21. Mentorship

  22. Teaching
 is Hard

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