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Set Your Passion Free

5771722e37f49f5f0c7a61ac00d6bf84?s=47 Scott Wyden Kivowitz
August 09, 2012

Set Your Passion Free

Originally presented to the Ridgewood Camera Club and New Jersey Smug Group, the Set Your Passion Free presentation is now available free. Once you know what to do and not to do, you must put the rules aside and explore your own creative vision.


Scott Wyden Kivowitz

August 09, 2012


  1. Set Your Passion Free Scott Wyden Kivowitz http://scottwyden.com

  2. Once you know what to do & what not to

    do Put the rules aside & explore your own creative vision.
  3. Leave Your Comfort Zone • Take Risks • Break Boundaries

    • Open Doors • Go Nuts! • “Poke the Box” - Seth Godin
  4. Where Are You? Where do you stand in the swarm

    of photographers? What are you doing different? What risks are you taking? What rules are you breaking?
  5. Thomas Edison Once Said “We shall have no better conditions

    in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.”
  6. Photography Rules They exist for a reason, to act as

    a guideline of the photographic process
  7. What “They” Don’t Tell You You are allowed to break

    the rules
  8. Darren Rowse - Digital Photography School “While you probably won’t

    want to break these rules in every photograph that you take – breaking them can bring about some fairly spectacular results.”
  9. The Rules • Rule of Thirds • Golden Ratio •

    Tack Sharp • Clean Angles • Low ISO • Hold Steady • Fill The Frame • Follow The Light Meter • Keep Still • Get Down or Move Up • Keep Horizons Level • Avoid Lens Flare ...etc
  10. Keep It Steady? Some photographers, like my friend John, throw

    & spin their camera in the air. In fact, there is a Flickr group full of them! note: I don’t recommend throwing a camera.
  11. Macro Who needs it? Have you tried photographing flowers with

    a wide telephoto lens?
  12. Macro ...or photograph a macro straight on without finding the

    perfect angle? It could work better than you might think.
  13. Bokeh Always fun, sometimes overdone.

  14. Focus Not everything has to be in focus for a

    photograph to be interesting
  15. Blur There isn’t one still part of this photo, yet

    it is fun to look at! See the guy walking in the background?
  16. ISO Shooting at the highest ISO may not be favorable,

    but it can add drama by using so much available light.
  17. Angles Photographs do not have to be straight, to be

  18. Lines If this was straight (horizontal lines) it would be

  19. Color Play with color and light. This color photograph looks

    black & white.
  20. Vintage Play with processing by making a modern digital photograph

    look old.
  21. Curves You don’t have to correct for them if you

    don’t want to. Let it go, have some fun.
  22. Tilt/ Shift These lenses are meant for correction, but can

    add a unique look to architecture, landscapes and objects
  23. Negative Space There is something about dead space that is

    so attractive in a photograph.
  24. Timothy O'Sullivan’s photographs had blown-out skies because of orthochromatic material,

    which makes all blue skies overexposed. (1871 - 73 survey of the American West)
  25. None
  26. Surroundings Photographing your subjects, and their surroundings.

  27. Surroundings as Background Photographing your subjects by using their surroundings

    as the background
  28. HDR High Dynamic Range Love it or hate it. Either

    way, the technique can make for a stunning photograph.
  29. Be Sneaky Don’t let an animal know you are there.

  30. Be Sneaky Don’t let an animal (or person) know you

    are there.
  31. Overhead “They” say to get down to a child’s level.

    How about standing over and looking down?
  32. Upward Shooting from a low angle can add a neat

  33. Mobile Experiment with cell phone photography and the many applications

    and accessories available.
  34. Shoot Through Shooting through people can add an interesting perspective

    or twist to a situation
  35. Shoot Through Shooting through trees can add an interesting perspective

    or twist to a scene
  36. No Detail Let highlights blow out Let shadows cut explore

    the boundaries of your camera
  37. No Detail Deep detail-free shadows can create a highly dramatic

  38. None
  39. Cut Off It is okay to cut the heads or

    legs off people if it works!
  40. Filters They don’t have to be on the camera in

    order to make use of them (two 10x ND filters in use)
  41. Giving It A Try • Wrong Lens On The Right

    Camera (e.g., DX on FX) • Wrong Lens For Right Situation (e.g., Telephoto for Macro or Tilt/ Shift as Prime) • All Distortion • Upside Down Camera • Use A Different Eye • Dead Center • All Minimalistic
  42. Final Thoughts

  43. Be Aggressive

  44. Be Kind

  45. Experiment

  46. Take Risks

  47. Most Important

  48. Have Fun Doing It

  49. Love The Rules

  50. Set Your Passion Free Scott Wyden Kivowitz http://scottwyden.com Twitter, Facebook,

    Google Plus, 500px, Flickr, YouTube and more! Title by Martin Bielecki Crowdsourcing A Photography Presentation Title http://scottwyden.com/crowdsourcing-a-photography-presentation-title/