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Be Seen By Google

Be Seen By Google

Presented at the Brandsmash workshop on 1/26/14


Scott Wyden Kivowitz

January 26, 2014


  1. Be Seen By Google Basic Search Engine Optimization Importance

  2. Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati
 photocrati.com Photographer

  3. Let’s dive in

  4. Your Website…

  5. Photo by Josh Pesavento via Flickr

  6. Before we keep going… ! - Choose the Right Keywords

    - Optimize Your Website - Build Links - Optimize for “Local” Search - Social Media & SEO ! !
  7. What are the most popular search engines?

  8. 1. Google 2. YouTube (powered by Google) 3. Bing 4.

    Yahoo (powered by Bing) 5. Ask 6. AOL (powered by Google)
  9. Why is SEO important?

  10. Primary: Single Most Important Philadelphia wedding photographer ! Secondary: 3-6

    Next Most Important Philadelphia engagement photographer King of Prussia wedding photographer ! Long Tails: Lots of Specific Phrases Philadelphia Pennsylvania wedding photographer South Jersey engagement photography Northeast Philadelphia wedding photographer Keywords
  11. Primary -> Homepage optimized for primary keyword yourdomain.com Secondary ->

    Priority Pages yourdomain.com/philadelphia-engagement-photographer Long Tail -> Blog Posts yourdomain.com/blog/northeast-philadelphia-wedding-photographer Keywords Mapped to Pages
  12. - SEO Friendly Platform (ie, WordPress) - SEO Friendly URLS

    (readable) - SEO Friendly Title Tag Rules - Sitemap vs Robots/Noindex (Tells Google what to index and what to ignore) - Internal Linking Structure (Tells Google which pages are important and how pages are related) Site Structure
  13. 1. Keyword Phrase: One per page 2. URL: Keyword in

    URL 3. Title: Keyword in Title 4. Subtitle: Keyword in Subtitle 5. Text: 300+ Words, Keyword 4-5 Times 6. Meta Tags: Keyword in Meta Description & Image Alt Tags 7. Linking: Link to Page with Keyword The 7 Steps for Optimizing Any Page
  14. - Homepage for primary phrase - Secondary Pages for secondary

    phrases - Blog Posts for long tail phrases Use the previous 7 steps to optimize
  15. Linking & Link Building ! Links = Votes ! The

    more votes = the more trusted
  16. How to Tell a Good Link from a Bad One?

    ! - Site Quality, Popularity, and Authority - PageRank - Relevance - Link Anchor Text - Absence of “Gray” Practices - Good Links = Hard to Get Linking & Link Building
  17. Easy Links (Less Valuable) ! • Your Websites • Your

    Social and Forum Profiles • Friends & Family • Photography Directories • General Directories • Local Business Directories • Blog Comments • Press Releases (less valuable recently) • Exchanging Links Linking & Link Building
  18. Hard Links (More Valuable) • Guest Posting (One of Best

    Options) • Submitting “Feature” Images/Profiles • Links from Clients • Links from Venues, Vendors, Partners • Let Other Websites Use Images (with Link) • Create and Promote Link Bait (Photos, Blog Posts, Ebooks, Tools) • Charity – Give or Do • Government domains (.gov) • Education domains (.edu) • Wikipedia Linking & Link Building
  19. What’s involved? ! • Any location specific search • Location

    can be inferred from IP address • Different search result structure • Highlights Google Business Listings • Different Ranking Factors from General Search • Consistency of Business’s Web Presence Local Search
  20. Getting Your Business on Google+ ! If Just Getting Started

    ! • Claim Your Business • http://www.google.com/business/placesforbusiness/ • Google Places = Google+ Local • All in One Business Listing and Google+ ! Already Have a Page? Total Mess ! • Google Places (Old) – No Google+ Integration • Google+ Business Pages Local Search
  21. Ranking Factors for Local Search ! • Real Business Address

    Near City Center • Choose Most Relevant Categories • Use Keywords in Business Title and Description (doesn’t typically read well to people when used in titles) • Quantity and Quality of Reviews • Quantity, Quality, Consistency of Citations • Links to Main Website (Not Places Page) • Business Info and Location on Main Website Local Search
  22. • Google favors Google+ engagement • Google utilizes Google+ for

    Authorship • Build “Social Signals” • Use Social to Promote Content & Build Links • Bing favors Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn and other social media engagement Social Media’s Role
  23. Dive deeper into SEO and your specific website ! http://www.photographers-seo.com

    ! http://www.moz.com http://www.quicksprout.com http://www.woorank.com http://www.browseo.net http://www.seositecheckup.com https://www.pluginseo.com http://rankchecker.net
  24. But that’s not the end…

  25. Let’s have some fun

  26. 2 second memory test

  27. None
  28. ?

  29. Chase Jarvis is a commercial photographer

  30. None
  31. None
  32. ?

  33. Todd Owyoung is a concert photographer

  34. None
  35. None
  36. ?

  37. David Teng is a wedding photographer

  38. None
  39. Lesson learned...

  40. Blogging is important

  41. Your blog is your everlasting gobstopper

  42. ~ 70% of traffic comes from blog content ! ~

    15% of home page visitors will visit the blog ! Potential clients will view the blog for recent work and knowledge even before your portfolio!
  43. Blogging generates discussion = discussion generates movement = movement catches

    attention = attention improves search engine rankings
  44. What the heck do I blog about?


  46. Blogging A Photograph Of Orange Kittens? ! - What equipment

    you used to photograph orange kittens ! - Why you used that equipment to photograph orange kittens ! - The toys used to get the attention of the orange kittens? ! - The best lighting conditions to photograph orange kittens ! - Examples of other photographs of orange kittens and how they could improve them ! - Why someone should hire you to photograph their orange kitten ! - How to dress up your orange kittens for a photograph ! - What a clowder of orange kittens should know before being photographed
  47. Blogging For Customers ! - Talk about your new product

    or service - Share insides into how to use your product or why your service is AWESOME - Mention upcoming events you are attending or speaking at - Publish worthy testimonials that are blog worthy - Educate your customers about product or service related topics - Talk about industry related topics - Provide advice for your customers on how to use your product or preparing for your service
  48. What do you photograph? How do you want to make

    money? ! Once you know that, finding topics becomes easier...
  49. Keep an editorial calendar ! Google Calendar, iCal, WordPress Editorial

    Calendar (plugin), Excel, Edit Flow (plugin), CoSchedule (premium plugin)
  50. What’s blogging schedule like? ! 1 - Published photo/article Tuesdays

    & Thursdays at 8am 2 - Share on social channels right away 3 - Add to BufferApp for future re-posting 4 - Email to blog subscribers at 7pm Tuesdays & Thursdays 5 - Add to monthly newsletter subscriber email for 1st week of the month
  51. Always use a compelling media related to the content !

    How I Photographed Historic Cotton & Wool Mills
  52. None
  53. Blog Management ! Always brainstorm and log (Evernote, Notes) !

    Set aside a block of time to write ! Close everything on your computer except your writing software ! Create blog drafts from each article ! Schedule for future publishing ! Promote when articles are published
  54. None
  55. My Best Blogging Advice

  56. Social Media

  57. Social media produces almost 2x the leads of trade shows,

    cold calling, direct mailing, or PPC. ! Companies that generate over 1,000 Facebook Likes also see around 1,400 website visits a day. ! Women are more likely than men to regularly check out a company’s social media page (48% vs. 43%). ! Around 46% of Internet users rely on social media when making a purchase decision. ! Average number of friends per Facebook user is 141.50
  58. Are they on Twitter? ! Are they on Facebook? !

    Are they on Pinterest? ! Are they on Google Plus? ! Are they on LinkedIn? ! Are they on Yelp? ! Are they on FourSquare? ! Where are they?
  59. Use tools and research to determine best times and days

    ! Use tools to automate with a personal touch ! Use hashtags, when appropriate ! Mention your customers, when appropriate ! Tag your customers when appropriate ! Ask your customers before using them publicly ! Add sharing buttons to your blog and/or pages
  60. Be consistent ! Don’t automatically follow, like, etc. ! Share

    happy, positive things ! Share content of yours and others ! Listen to your connections ! Ask and answer questions ! Offer advice to potential customers ! Try new things (Vine, Instagram, etc.) ! Use Google Analytics to track social media performance and ROI ! Don’t Like, favorite, retweet, +1 your own posts on social media
  61. 28% of U.S. Internet users between the ages of 18

    and 29 use Instagram ! Tell your customers you are on Instagram and they will follow
  62. Pin your favorite wedding content, articles, photographs. Pin your best

    work. Tag your clients.
  63. Inspiring your audience will keep you in the minds of

    current and potential customers
  64. Using badges can generate more followers than buttons

  65. Fine tune your posting strategy until you find one that

    works. Each social channel will be different
  66. Asking for shares and likes can do better than ads.

    Organic posts & shares get better click throughs than ads
  67. Showing how much sharing has already occurred, can drive more

  68. One last social tip…

  69. None
  70. Please check out Photocrati.com, NextGEN-Gallery.com, & Photographers-SEO.com …and my personal

    website ScottWyden.com @scottwyden and +ScottWydenKivowitz