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Start Selling Images With WordPress in Under 10 Minutes (WordCamp Philly, 2015)

Start Selling Images With WordPress in Under 10 Minutes (WordCamp Philly, 2015)

Slides from my session at the 2015 WordCamp Philly on June 13, 2015. https://philly.wordcamp.org/2015/

What’s the most efficient way to sell images with WordPress? How do we reduce the use of external ecommerce systems for selling photos? See the differences between popular ecommerce plugins, their strengths and weaknesses. See what it takes to convert multi-system users into a purely WordPress system.


Scott Wyden Kivowitz

June 14, 2015


  1. Start Selling Images With WordPress in under 10 minutes

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  11. “Everybody has their own specific wants and needs, and there

    are a lot of great systems out there for everything that you can imagine, but not one of them is perfect for every use case.” - Pippin Williamson, Apply Filters Ep. 38
  12. Ecommerce vs Imaging

  13. Freemium vs Premium

  14. Platform/Extension vs Single Plugin

  15. Platform/Extension • Less core functions • Easier for developers •

    Pick and choose
  16. Single Plugin • All functions the end user wants •

    No need to find extensions for added functions • Still easy to customize
  17. Target Market

  18. Community

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  31. Talk about Create products that answer the questions your target

    market asks. Offer
  32. Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati

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