Education vs Training

Education vs Training

What's the real difference between Education and Training and my view on what we should be doing to engage with teachers, and learning theory to accomplish scaling up our training for everyone.


Selena Deckelmann

December 13, 2012


  1. Education vs. Training Selena Deckelmann Data Architect, Mozilla @selenamarie

  2. We can't scale our training.

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  4. We've stalled out.

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  7. 42 responses What people said about resources

  8. We aren't creating scalable training material and we should.

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  10. The fights we don't have

  11. Start an argument about sysadmin education, today! How we train,

    how we teach.
  12. Training that works

  13. ✔ Numbered steps with measurable, defined outcomes ✔ Explicit instruction

    and feedback loops ✔ Expectation for collaboration ✔ Pairing and modeling
  14. Student: ✔ Knew what to do ✔ Knew what success

    looked like Boss: ✔ Asked the right questions ✔ Helped when stuck ✔ Feedback loops caught new details
  15. What do we get from systematic training? A Baseline.

  16. Knowledge ✔ Typing ✔ Text editing ✔ English grammar ✔

    Variables ✔ Data structures ✔ Loops and flow control
  17. Skills ✔ Write a program ✔ Debug others code ✔

    Read and understand more advanced code
  18. Baselining ✔ Identify key knowledge ✔ Teach to fill in

    gaps ✔ Demonstrate learned skills to peers and mentors
  19. I covered it, it's up to them to learn Vs

    If they didn't learn it, I didn't teach it.
  20. Grassroots training is headed in this direction:

  21. What can you steal from these programs for your company?

    What from your company can you contribute back?
  22. We need to shift our thinking about education and training.

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  25. Recognize the difference between Good and Bad teaching

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  27. Make great, reusable lessons by focusing on: knowledge and skills,

    then habits and competency
  28. Good teaching + System = Authentic, Scalable teaching Teachers/sysadmins collaborate

  29. First step: Argue about the details, the right way.

  30. Arguments we should have: ✔ What's more important: ethics or

    risk reduction coursework? ✔ Are masters programs or K12 standards more valuable? ✔ How do we create a non-profit for trusted certifications?
  31. Arguments not worth having: ✔ Education sucks. ✔ Students can't

    learn. ✔ The whole system is broken. ✔ You can't teach this stuff.
  32. What can you do now? Ask: ✔ Is my training

    process written down? ✔ Can the person being trained incrementally improve that process? ✔ Are there clear outcomes and expectations from the training?
  33. If you answered yes: Send a pull request to

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  35. Education vs. Training Selena Deckelmann Data Architect, Mozilla @selenamarie