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code4lib - What beginners teach us

code4lib - What beginners teach us

Keynote given on 2/10/2015 at the code4lib conference


Selena Deckelmann

February 10, 2015

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  1. What beginners teach us Selena Deckelmann @selenamarie Staff Data Architect,

  2. photo by courthouselover

  3. The adult section

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  5. I could go there.

  6. Discovering what’s possible

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  8. http://bit.ly/1fQEXeF

  9. http://github.com/mozilla/socorro

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  15. http://bit.ly/1fOgBSB

  16. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the

    expert’s mind, there are few.” -Shunryu Suzuki
  17. I am a beginner teacher

  18. full of possibility

  19. the one thing... Next time you answer a beginner’s question

  20. take a moment and consider... How will the beginner feel

    when they hear your answer?
  21. I’ve been involved in FOSS Since 1995

  22. PyLadies Get women who code together In September 2012, I

  23. our first project... A Coursera Class

  24. Walk away or Figure out how to teach?

  25. beginners: Open to possibility and overwhelmed by choice

  26. TMTOWTDI the best part of beginners mind adventure, possibility, inclusive

  27. but...

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  30. our job as teacher is to answer... “What do I

    do next?”
  31. And to consider: How do people feel while they’re taking

    the next step?
  32. What does learning how to program feel like?

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  34. When experience is a dead end

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  38. When PyLadies succeeds

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  42. Engineering experiences

  43. “The unwritten first chapter” Big goals Early wins In-person connections

    Cultivate a learning environment
  44. Tools for engineering great beginner experiences

  45. From Hacker School: No “Well, Actually...” No Feigning Surprise

  46. pairing best instructors are those that just learned

  47. 1:3 ratio instruction to doing

  48. listen carefully learn from how students rephrase and ask questions

  49. PyLadiesPDX 412 women 1-2 meetings per week

  50. • New skills • Peer support • Structure and routine

    • Confidence What PyLadies say they get:
  51. How have I benefited and what have I learned from

  52. write better code write better docs gain perspective

  53. recruit diverse members to your communities

  54. adainitiative.org openhatch.org pyladies.org

  55. and...

  56. an informed public

  57. Julie Horvath’s blog post http://julieannhorvath.com/2013/07/09/a-different-perspective.html

  58. “I didn’t grow up thinking I could do anything I

    wanted to.”
  59. I see this every day teaching adults.

  60. People don’t know what’s possible.

  61. Where I belong, where I can go

  62. make a better world!

  63. teach! <3

  64. What beginners teach us Selena Deckelmann @selenamarie Staff Data Architect,

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