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They know more than I do

They know more than I do

Whether in collaboration with colleagues, at Github, through blog posts or forums: We are always faced with what others do or have done. We often compare our own work with those of others and consider our own knowledge and skills as much weaker. But is that true?

This is a first draft for known problems of some programmers, that was presented at the PHPUGKA. It's about self-doubt, that isn't only known by beginners but also by experienced developers. This talks also names and explains the Imposter-Syndrome.

Yes, the slides alone don't contain much infos, so you have to see the talk. ;-)

Claudio Zizza

January 15, 2016

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  1. They know more than I do Claudio Zizza php.budgegeria.de @SenseException

  2. Getting sh*t done!

  3. Learning by asking (First contact with the community)

  4. Learning by documentation (Written by someone else)

  5. Learning by doing (The hard way - may include failure)

  6. How to measure progress or success?

  7. Feedback Customers Company Colleagues

  8. To see beyond one's own nose Other projects' accomplishments Commonly

    occurring names in communities Certificated Devs
  9. They know more than I do

  10. None
  11. None
  12. Is such a contribution really helpful? Yes!

  13. Knowing different things

  14. Varieties in a good team

  15. Way of progress isn't a single street

  16. "Success" is not the same for everybody People may even

    not recognize their own success
  17. Impostor-Syndrome

  18. Wikipedia says: Not a mental disorder ca. 70% of the

    population world wide were affected Causes anxiety, stress, self-doubt Tend to reflect upon extreme failure
  19. "They know more than I do" How can you support

  20. Say/Write "Thank you"

  21. #php7thankyou

  22. So: Thank you

  23. Make them realize what their work did for you/others (Big

  24. Encourage them to contribute (Community)

  25. None
  26. Small contributions can cause big changes

  27. Expect ideas from everyone From: "I don't need your tests

    in my production" https://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/2jzp6k/i_dont_need_your_tests_in_my_production
  28. Working together

  29. Thank you Claudio Zizza php.budgegeria.de @SenseException