5 tips to build long-lasting Scala OSS

5 tips to build long-lasting Scala OSS


Seven years ago, I started ScalikeJDBC, one of the popular database libraries in Scala. After years, I am still working on it. In the meantime, the Scala community has been growing sharply. Despite the growth of the community, we haven't seen the increase in long-lasting OSS projects yet. In this talk, I will share pieces of my knowledge learned through my experiences with OSS.

The 5 tips I will share in this talk are

1) Find your lifework project
2) Be careful about adding Scala dependencies
3) Stick with binary compatibility
4) Provide cross builds
5) Have effective CI builds

If you'd like to know more about the tips, this talk is for you.

* sbt project template including all tips: https://github.com/seratch/long-lasting-scala.g8


Kazuhiro Sera

November 16, 2018