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Want a Stellar Project? You Need to Document and Promote It

Want a Stellar Project? You Need to Document and Promote It

Do you have an awesome WordPress plugin, Drupal module, Zend Framework module, or PHP library that you want people to use, to be truly successful, perhaps one that people even rave about? Often, most of the effort expended on a project goes to development, with documentation and promotion considered afterthoughts. But these two steps are essential to a project's success. In this session, I'll show you key ways to document and promote your project, so it's easier to find out about, start using, maintain, and grow its reputation, using examples of real-world successes.

Matthew Setter

November 20, 2015

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  1. Want a Stellar Project? You NEED to Document & Promote

  2. Who Am I? • Software Developer, Technical Writer, 

    Podcaster • Member of Roave • @settermjd • matthew@matthewsetter.com
  3. I Run This Blog

  4. None
  5. It was 1997

  6. None
  7. Likely Options

  8. None
  9. None
  10. Anyone Use BeOS Today?

  11. So Why Did BeOS Fail?

  12. So What Makes a Project Successful?

  13. 2 Key Things Documentation Promotion

  14. Jenny Wong “Easy, It’s user focused. We know users don’t

    care how something is built. And we do our best to make it so they don’t have to worry.”
  15. Taylor Otwell “It makes it very easy to solve common

    problems using very little code. It provides support for very modern features with the same ease of use. It has good documentation and hundreds of video tutorials on Laracasts. This makes it very easy to adopt.”
  16. Oscar Merida “A successful project is much more than the

    technical aspects, it’s one that invests in building a community by not just providing a technical solution, but also making it easy for people to participate, which ends up marketing the project”
  17. Beth Tucker-Long “I think a successful open-source project needs an

    easy, clear way to contribute, contributions are appreciated, and the project has good marketing. I think it also helps if it's a project that a lot of people use often.”
  18. See Any Common Threads?

  19. User Focused Easy to solve common problems Good documentation and

    tutorials An easy, clear way to contribute A project that a lot of people use often
  20. People

  21. People Need To • Know Your Project Exists • Know

    How To Use It
  22. Documentation

  23. 3 Types of Documentation 1. Pure Promotion 2. Technical Tutorials

    / Walk-Throughs 3. API / SDK / Code Documentation
  24. Pure Promotion

  25. A Clear Statement & Promise

  26. Benefits & Features

  27. Benefits & Features

  28. Technical Tutorials

  29. API Docs

  30. Promotion “Something (such as advertising) that is done to make

    people aware of something and increase its sales or popularity”
  31. Websites

  32. Websites

  33. Screencasts “Use Video. Kids LOVE Video”

  34. Screencasts

  35. 16:9 Resolution 18pt Font Be Focused Screencast Tips

  36. Podcasts

  37. Podcasts

  38. Want Inspiration?

  39. The Laravel Podcast with Matt Stauffer http://www.laravelpodcast.com

  40. PHP Roundtable with Sammy K. Powers http://www.phproundtable.com

  41. /dev/hell with Ed Finkler and Chris Hartjes http://www.devhell.info

  42. Free the Geek with Me http://www.freethegeek.fm

  43. How Do You Build an Audience?

  44. How to Build an Audience • Be Factual • Be

    Interesting • Be Patient • Be Persistent • Be Consistent
  45. Forums

  46. Forums

  47. Forums

  48. Presentations

  49. Presentations

  50. @settermjd or matthew@matthewsetter.com Questions? https://joind.in/14795 Please Rate the Talk