Productize Your Services! @ springone 2017

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December 05, 2017

Productize Your Services! @ springone 2017

Given at springone platform in 2017, these slides won't make much sense as they are pretty much all animated. Even the animated version doesn't have much chance of making sense without the talk track. Check out the recording!

Moving to a microservices architecture is not just a technology problem. With the level of tooling and support we get from Spring and platforms like Cloud Foundry, the really daunting tasks quickly move to organizational challenges. How does one find and define the organization’s shared services? What are their boundaries? How should they get distributed? In this talk we will use the Spring Framework’s great support for building services infrastructures, harness the superpowers of PaaS for scalable deployment, and combine this with Lean and Agile principles of product development to lay out a blueprint for how organizations can reason about and develop their service architectures effectively.



December 05, 2017