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d.compress week 2

3bea0fb4374811d7ac55a9ae753bb086?s=47 Sharon Tan
January 15, 2013

d.compress week 2

A 3-slide deck about a Point-Of-View I chose, some quotes, and a stress model


Sharon Tan

January 15, 2013


  1. An anxious college student NEEDS effective and intelligent email-tracking and

    parsing to find and schedule time for interesting opportunities BECAUSE he/she has a fear of missing out.
  2. Person ‘A’ “I’m often worried I won’t remember where important

    emails are in my inbox. I don’t want to pass up opportunities that I should have taken because I lost track of the emails.” “Success is when I find interesting opportunities that I do take advantage of.” “Also success is when I use email to connect with family and friends back home.”
  3. STRESS x N times a day (N+1)th email I’m not

    going to check this one. And it turns out to be about… START Unicorns and rainbows! Our lives are changed! zzz… Fatigue from attention paid Pressure from a constant worry and disappointment with ‘bleh’ emails Imagined & historic fear of missing opportunities. Pain of regret & of ‘what if’ fantasies Self-judgement of carelessness, laziness or inability